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Phillip Phillips Dave Matthews Mannerisms on American Idol

Phillip Philips - Dave Matthews Mannerisms
The Dave Matthews Band fan community has been abuzz about the Phillip Phillips Dave Matthews mannerisms on American Idol. Here are a few clips including Phil Phillips lesser seen solo performance where his Dave-esque´ dancing and facial expressions show how much of an influence Dave Matthews has been to his budding musical career. After a few performances, and following Phillips’ cover performance of “In the Air Tonight” (originally by Phil Collins), Judge Randy Jackson mentioned that Phillips reminds him of Dave. A few weeks later, Phillip Phillips covered the Dave Matthews Band song, ‘The Stone.’ Phillips Phillips’ raw talent carried him to be the winner of American Idol in 2012. Dave Matthews commented in an interview that he had not seen Phillip Phillips perform, and joked about Phillips imitating him. Dave said, “I wouldn’t imagine that imitating me would bring any quality of popularity, but that’s OK if it does.” Dave later continued continued, “Maybe I paved the way for him. I wish him the best of luck! He should kick my a– maybe I can retire and he can take over my band.”

Enjoy the videos…

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  1. David says:

    Many copies only one real Dave

  2. Shannon says:

    Anyone who loves Dave knows what an influence he must have been on Phil Phillips. I said it the very first time he auditioned. I hope, hope, hope that we get a little DMB on American idol this year…. Maybe even suggest performance????

  3. Jenn says:

    I hope that he (Phil) makes reference to Dave’s influence on him. If he doesn’t I will be very disappointed and will consider him to be a copy cat who tries too hard. Otherwise I think he has some awesome talent. …And just to be fair, I felt the same way about Taylor Hicks and his Joe Cocker influence.

  4. ally says:

    hey you guys :) you should check out this interview of phil, the interviewer asked him who his musical inspiration was and he said it was his brother in law. Then he got on to saying that when he got to learn how to play the guitar he started out with a little bit of dave matthews and jon butler…:) here is the youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryvnV5b-_dE&feature=relmfu

  5. ally says:

    forgot to mention he also mentions dave on his twitter account as one of his biggest inspirations :D here is the link and you guys can scroll down to feb 19 :) https://twitter.com/#!/PhilPhillips11

  6. Brian says:

    Sorry all, but I am somewhat annoyed by this guy. To me, it is a blatant Dave Matthews impersonation. One thing I love about Idol is the discovery of new, unique talent. Unfortunately, I don’t think Phil is unique. That said, I think he’d make a great leader in a DMB tribute band. :)

  7. Mark says:

    My wife and I have been huge Dave fans since the early 90′s and have seen DMB countless times all over the place. This guy is a total RIP OFF! Dave is himself. His stage presence, signing. facial expressions, dancing, etc all come from his SOUL, not something he regurgitated from seeong someone else do it. Influences are one thing. Plagerism is another. And WTF? Nobody on the show seems to notice? They know. They also know they can cash in on the formula. American Idol is BS anyway. Down to Phil Phillips. Let him go work for his daddy!

  8. Brother Jay says:

    Completely disagree. He’s 21. He must’ve been about 5 and rocking to DMB. It’s in his soul, you can see it. I love DMB and hope Phillips does very well on AI. I hope he shows some of his own style too, and actually hope he doesn’t cover any original Dave. But mannerism and what’s in his groove are not strictly for one guy. He shows a lot of Mayer too with his face, and it just shows his into it. Lighten up Francis.

  9. Adam says:

    It’s annoying because we haven’t yet heard/ seen Phillips do something orginal with his own ideas- just good Dave impersonation vocals, dance, expressions… I’ve seen Dave 24 times live. Phillip may run into some issues when the judges start to talk about “figuring out who you are, as an artist.”
    I wish someone would ask him “Have you specifically studied and tried to mimic Dave’s art? How long did it take? Why?, etc.”
    Having an idol like Dave is cool… just saying, it seems like everyone else is significantly more original, unique, creative.

  10. Justin says:

    Have u dummies even looked into who he is an the type of music he does? Such baseless attacks when u obviously know nothing about him nore have heard any of his on music. A rip off of dmb really? Get real as if dmb is the only person allowed to that kinda voice.

  11. Justin says:

    Sorry for the typos. U all should really go an do some hw before calling him a impersonation of dm. I have seen him play stuff dave wouldn’t touch. Even his band he plays with is nothing like the dmb. Y is it so bad for him to draw inspiration from dm isn’t that what we love about and respect about
    the great bands

  12. Mark says:

    Justin, It’s not hs voice. It’s EVERYTHING. Having a similar vocal style is one thing. Alot of people have that going on. But mimicking someone is different. It shows a lack of being genuine. Not good, Bro.

  13. Marcie says:

    I love Dave Matthews, and while I agree Phil Philips has a similar sound and style, I think Phil Philips deserves praise for his musical talents. He’s young, and will develop more of himself through time. Haven’t we all learned how to talk through imitating others, especially our parents. It’s the same thing with singing. We learn from those we are around and who we listen to. We practice what we learn, then we add our own flavor, inspired by our personality. Phil Philips has done that and is continuing to do that. Wether Phil Philips wins or not, he will become a major recording artist in the near future, I’m sure recording labels are already standing around like vultures, ready snatch him. They would be stupid if they didn’t, because he is brilliant.

  14. stephanie says:

    Yea bc dmb is the only one allowed to have that style…smh. I love Phillip Phillips and hope he goes far

  15. Love DMB says:

    It’s really kind of eerie…Dave’s love child of the early 90′s?

  16. Adam says:

    I’m not questioning anyones familiarity with Dave on a Dave fan site, or am I?? But if you’ve watched DMB perform a few times, you’d clearly recognize it’s not a ‘similar style/ sound’ or ‘an inspiration that most other bands have.’ No no… we’re talking about major specifics. I mean come on.. Dave’s foot shuffle, really? That combined with facial expressions and the Dave vocals. Is that just a coincidence we see phillip do Dave for each and every song?
    Not hating on phil, I just know if he busted out some of his own stuff (that Justin has seen)… I’d probably grow to love him too. But he’s a contestant probably just thinking ‘hey, DMB is whats popular and what ppl like, so that’s what’ll get me the farthest in the Idol masses.’
    Lil annoying that’s all.

  17. sunny says:

    Yes this guy is talented but he IS a Dave ripoff – his VOICE, FACIAL EXPRESSIONS, DANCE MOVES, the way he PLAYS and HOLDS his guitar…Come on, people! His artistry has a name, and it’s not “unique” or “original” – it’s David John Matthews. It’s like the year David Cook sang Chris Cornell’s arrangement of ‘Billy Jean’, wonderfully I might add, but the judges all thought it was David’s arrangement and he let them think so. David admitted it was Cornell’s arrangement during the next show because people were pissed that his performance was being marketed as an original creation. NOTHING Phil does has been an original creation. He even sang ‘In The Air Tonight’ exactly like Dave would have. COME ON!

  18. Josh says:

    I like all of the “he does it like Dave would” Dave’s career is winding down. If he hasn’t done it already, it ain’t getting done. Who cares if he sounds like Dave on American Idol. John Mayer started out sounding like Dave when he started (he even did cover impersonations at his shows), but he grew out of it.

    The kid is really young and sounds like Dave NOW. When Dave was 21, he sounded completely different. He grew into that sound – much like Phil Phillips will.

  19. Yary loves DMB says:

    It is so obvious he’s copying DM’s style. I just can’t believe none of the judges have mention it exception for Randy making a passing comment about there being a “little bit of Dave Matthews in there.”

  20. Stew says:

    Phillip doing the Dave thing is not up for debate. I love DMB and have seen him 3X now (about 25X too few). I have mixed feelings on this one. I love that he is inspired by Dave b/c we need more artist in “the Dave genre”, but this guy does carry it too far. I hope he shows some individuality or at least recognizes that he needs to do so. I guess I love Dave so much, I enjoy hearing him even when “its not him?” DMB 2012 new album. Can’t wait.

  21. Gina says:

    I am also a Dave Matthews fan and have seen him live many times. I disagree with those of you who think AI’s Phil Phillips copied him. With the exception of that one posted YouTube video, his style is totally different. Their voices are similar (not much you can do about how your voice sounds) but not the same. DM’s is more nasal and his pitch changes are totally different. PP’s is raspier, with more of a growl, & I hear shades of Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, Seattle grunge. These are all bands that were popular when PP was a child, and I agree with the poster who wrote that it was in this boy’s soul. When you grow up listening to certain bands, they become part if your DNA as an artist.

    If you haven’t seen any more of Phillip Phillips other than the above clip, I implore you to look him up. You’ll find he was influenced by many different people and in my opinion, the boy is not “copying” anyone!

  22. Gina says:

    I found many videos of Phillip playing with a band called G&S. Those of you who really want to see his “style” should search YouTube for G&S Phillip Phillips.

  23. Laura Patton says:

    I think Phil is a very talented singer. I love Dave and his band and like countless other have been a life long fan. I don’t think that Phil is cashing in on being a Dave “copycat” for want of a better word. I think Phil is simply moved in a similar vein to what we as loyal DMB fans feel and get from Dave when he performs. Dave has allowed me as a fan to laugh, cry, and experience pure joy through his talents and presence. I think that Phil Phillips if given half a chance will also provide the same. He’s already shown that he has talent and presence that cannot be denied.

  24. Aaron says:

    It’s funny how some people get so upset about this. The guy is talented bottom line. For those of you comparing his voice, you don’t truly know Dave as some of you claim. Gina hits the nail on the head; similar but not the same, not even close. I have seen DMB many times. I grew up in Virginia when DMB was getting started. I was jamming to them before people knew of him and the band. He is my personal favorite musicisan of all time. Your doing a greater dishonor to Dave’s genius by comparing HIM to Phillip.

    Phillip is his own copied or not, he is gifted and very talented. I’m glad he is on AI and hope that he wins, gets signed, whatever, and continues carrying the torch of great musicians that we are seriously lacking now. The younger crowd of kids needs there own role model musicians. I had Dave when I was in my late teens and it has stuck with me since. The younger crowd does not relate the same way I do to DMB and the same can be said with me not relating to Cage the elephant etc.

    It must concern you that somebody with a natural talent is threatining your precious in the fact that you dog PP while comparing him or even mentioning a comparison. This clearly does not make a lick of sense. You folks need to get off of Dave’s tip. You sound almost freakish in your worship of him being the best of the best of the best. Again, DMB is the best band ever for me personally, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a little Phillip Phillips in the future to carry the burden of the true lack of Jam Bands and the like.

  25. MBeck says:

    If PP wins AI, I see him on SNL performing a skit as DM. He has the talent to do so. Aside from that I believe he does have his own style. Anyone who knows the “guitar face” knows any good player has a “guitar face”. The shuffle… He’s standing at the mic, playing the guitar, feeling the groove. Again, ALL musicians have the “shuffle”. I agree with Gina and Aaron and I did watch the videos of G&S with P.P. He definitely has his own groove.This world can certainly use another scratchy/growlin’ voice behind a guitar.

    And as for Dave/DMB… Still listenin’, still lovin’, and still playin’it EVERYDAY.

  26. Kyle says:

    PP is a copycat poser and that’s all there is to it. I was going to post the reasons explaining why he is… But F@%$ that! Because if you can’t tell after watching this dude for 10 seconds that he is a blatant ripoff of Dave Matthews, then you my friend have some explaining to do. Having said that, I think he would be okay if he would stand still and stop it with the facial expressions. I’m not even sure he can at this point. Looks like he’s made the face so many times it might be stuck that way.

  27. Kyle says:

    Having said that… I still voted for him 6 times the other night and I hope he wins the whole damn thing.

  28. Ron says:

    You guys are right…I have never seen anyone else play chords on a guitar with their left hand while strumming with their right; and then that wiggling the feet or stepping-these ideas could only have come from one performer in the past 50 years!

  29. Gina says:

    Sorry… I still don’t understand why you all object to a young musician bringing some much-needed Dave Matthews “influence” to today’s youth. Like Aaron, I desperately welcome someone willing to carry that jam band torch to our pop-ridden masses. Please!! Haven’t we all heard enough Lady Gaga?

    Honestly, I don’t believe anyone could rip off or “copy” Dave Matthews because his talent is so unique! The foot shuffle? It can be attributed to many jam bands. The first person I saw do it was Chuck Berry, but I am certain someone probably did it before him. Like Laura, I can thank Dave Matthews for allowing me to feel a whole spectrum of emotions with his performances. My first dance with my husband at our wedding was to a Dave Matthews song. :) Might I venture that PP, if we permit him to do so, could be awakening similar passions, passions that we haven’t had since, well, the first time we heard Dave Matthews? Maybe that is what draws these comparisons, as I don’t care what hands PP plays his guitar with, or what faces he makes, or how he moves his feet, there is and will only ever be ONE Dave Matthews! However, I am thrilled at the prospect of the youth of today having the same musical awakening I did in the 90′s, at my first DMB concert.

    Please watch this video of PP (link below, if I can get it to post.) He infuses today’s songs with his own mix or rock and soul. I think he is incredible! I have never watched AI before this season, but am watching it now because of him.

  30. Gina says:

    Sorry. That second sentence of last paragraph should have read “He infuses today’s songs with his own mix OF rock and soul.”

    BTW, it took me a while to accept that PP evokes the same feelings in me that DM does, but in the end I accepted it because of my eagerness for more rock/soul/jam bands in today’s pop-obsessed world. If we compare every musician to DM who comes forward with something similar (but still new and original) we are doomed to a world filled with no new rock and roll. Death to rock n’ roll. How sad that would be… :(

  31. Leon says:

    Be cool people. PP has obviously been influenced (yeah, in every way) by DMB but how can it hurt if he wins. It’s not like any producer or the DMB lawyers would let him put out an album without solid ORIGINAL material. Help him win so we can see what he’s got. Everyone else on AI is just a glorified kid singing in the mirror.

    Sometimes I walk there, sometimes I take a bus there.

  32. Jeremy says:

    Way too obvious. This guy thinks he is Dave period. If you play the guitar and understand the rhythms, and timing you can hear the way he is playing that song. He is playing the way, he thinks, Dave would play it. The timing and strumming are identical, almost to the point at hat it sounds l Ike he is about to bust into Two Step at the end. The feet and kicks speak for themself. the way he looks around and opens his mouth speaks for themselves as well.

    I wish him luck though.

  33. Rosa says:

    Ok, so I just watched G&S on you tube as someone above suggested and he still f*ckng sounds and dances and plays and acts like Dave. I mean for real. I am not trying to be a hater but he is straight up doing Dave. I feel embarrassed for him.

  34. Patrick says:

    This kid is so unoriginal that it’s unbearable to watch him. What a sham. Dave Matthews should sue him for being a complete rip-off artist. I would call him a plagiarist, but he doesn’t write anything. He just copies and emulates every single movement that Dave has done. He’s an embarrassment.

  35. Phillip's Agent says:

    Does anyone have any constructive suggestions for Phillip that would end the controversy?

  36. Scott says:

    Complete Dave Matthews rip off. Nothing original what so ever. Any real musician would tell you the same.

  37. Kyle H. says:

    Ha ha…”Phillip’s Agent” Yeah right. Anyway, the sheer fact that I googled this exact topic and found a place talking about it shows that he is clearly immitating Dave Matthews. Just like everyone else I will say the kid is talented, but to be on national television with the identical foot steps and shuffles, holding the guitar the same way, making love to the mic the same way and even streching his left middle finger when playing chords is clearly copying Dave Matthews. I’m just having a tough time likeing him because he is so unoriginal.

    To actually give some advice…stop the copying, make your own moves, be original and even own up to the fact that Dave Matthews Band is an enormous influence on his music.

  38. Michael says:

    Sorry, but the guy is great. I love DMB to death, but Phil is growing on me as well. The way he moves, talks, and acts cannot ALL be a copy. It’s not like with 7 billion people Dave is the only one who does those things. Phil’s Thriller was pretty neat.

  39. erin says:

    i want this guy voted off immediately!!! love dave, dislike phillip phillips. ‘nough said.

  40. Cara says:

    I am not denying Phil Phillips talents. It just irrataes the hell out of me that no one on AI recognizes the mimicry. I am not a DMB hardcore fan. I like them, but it pisses me off that these “experts” in the music business miss what is so obvious?! What we all know! I think he is very talented, but dont’ say that he is original & different. Every time I see him I couldn’t help but think how “complimentary” to Dave Matthews he is. He should be the lead singer of a tribute band b/c his voice, style, facial expressions and dancing scream “I WISH I WAS DAVE MATTHEWS!!!” He is a telented kid, but if he wants to makeit in this world as an artist, he needs to figure out who he REALLY is.

  41. Krys says:

    I listen to DMB and honestly I don’t see it. So what if everyone says that some gestures are the same But is Dave Matthews the only one who can do those moves. Absolutely not! Its so many people who are similar in style , its just the way it will be. PP’s voice is very different to me. I’m voting for him.

  42. Rosa says:

    Yes, his voice does not exactly sounds like Dave’s. But it is in his vein popping throbbing out of his head growl that is an exact imitation of Matthews. It is his mannerisms, his dancing, his dancing with the band, his guitar (it’s a Taylor for f*ck sake!)and he even oozes that sex appeal that Dave has…ladies or even some guys, you know what I’m talking about! You would have had to see DM multiple times live in concert to figure this out, in other words, you cannot hear the resemblance by simply listening through head phones…now that would be really sick.

  43. Aaron says:

    Again Wow.

    -The way he holds his guitar is the Classical position. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that the thousands and thousands of people that hold their guitar this way including myself are all DM copy cats. Umm no.
    -They are experts because they have more musical talent then the average person can imagine. He is remarkably original. Do you honestly know how many garage band wanna be’s are out there???? There are lots but it just so happens that PP has something that is obviously leading us into this big debate on a DMB blog. Hmmmm must be something about him.
    -Plagirist. OMG. Stop watching the contest…DUH. I hate him so bad that I need to watch him every week. Next your going to be plotting his assassination.
    -Any real musician? Randy Jackson, Mary J blige, Steven Tyler, JLo, Jimmie Iovine…..I guess they are idiots. Randy played with Journey, I think he knows a little R&R. Aerosmith not real? Are you kidding me?
    -his middle finger the same…He is playing a cord. I guess he should just tuck it under. I almost choked from laughter when I read this.
    -Why does he have to find who he is? He’s done a pretty f’ing good job so far.

    He said that DM was an influence in a TV news show before Idol. You can tell he doesn’t like being compared to DM, watch all the videos of the Alt rock indy comments, or Randy’s past comment about being a little Dave. He doesn’t like it. Something tells me that he would rather not be compared. Leads me to believe that some of his style is his own despite how similar it is. I guess JB from WSP and Warren from Mule need to be taken out to pasture…..they both just stand there and sing. Freaking copy cats.
    My true take is that If you don’t like PP’s, then make it about the music and not about the style. Reminds me of reality TV. “That B!tch she didn’t wear the same dress as me did she. So unoriginal uh, as if….”


    You think everybody knows who DM is? My oldest daughter who is turning 16 in a few months could not pick Dave out of a line up nor differentiate his music from the next……I play DMB everyplace, in the truck, at the house, at our parties, etc. She would never know who he was. Keep up the good work PP. If she likes you then congrats maybe we will get a greater appreciation of Dave in the long run. Again, Win win situation in my books.

    DMB Hangout Music Fest 2012!!!!!! Get some!

  44. Aaron says:

    Rosa….Let me get this straight because I was slighltly confused. His vein even resembles Dave’s?

    Sex appeal is not copied hate to break it to ya. You either have it or you don’t. This in no way can be attributed to Dave. It takes on many different forms, comedy, looks, personality, charm, etc.

  45. Mindy says:

    Absolutely hilarious! I just want to know what Dave thinks about this? Philip is so obviously taken by Dave that he has copied everything OR as someone said earlier, he is a love child of Dave’s from back in the 90s. Either way, I LOVE Dave and it is kind of fun to watch Philip.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I watch the show regularly and have been playing piano/guitar since I was a young chap. Let me be clear here: If you do not hear the way that Phil mimics Dave Matthews, you have no place (and I mean this) to comment on this blog. I don’t mean this to be hurtful. But while I think Phil does have a good voice, he is doing nothing but IMPERSONATING Dave. He even inserts the impromptu “my friend” in the Idol performances the way Dave does at live shows! Rosa, Cara, Kyle, Sunny, Mark = I 100% agree with you. When he sings, he thinks “how would Dave sing this?”

    American Idol? No
    A travelling circus looking for DMB impersonators? YES

  47. Gina M. says:

    Wow…I can’t believe how many people are cutting this kid down. The first person I thought of was Dave when I saw him perform and I LOVED it!! I don’t think he is “copying” Dave, I just think that is the way he performs. He is the only reason I am watching AI right now. Maybe all of you who are cutting him down are just jealous that he can do what you all can’t!! GO PHILLIP PHILLIPS!!!!

  48. Gina M. says:

    @anonymous….jealous that you don’t sound that good? No one can impersonate Dave. Phillip Phillips is being who he is. Even when he speaks he has that tone to his voice. Don’t hate…..and don’t tell me where I belong either…..I’ll comment wherever I want to.

  49. Gina M. says:

    Thanks Aaron…I agree 100%.

  50. poppy says:

    We are in the UK and never heard of Dave Matthews but we went to youtube to check out the complaints that PP is a ripoff.Honest to God Dave Matthews should consider himself lucky to be compared to PP .PP is handsome and has style and charisma which is lacking in DM.In fact we see nothing…zero of DM in PP …you got to be joking .
    And take a look at say Beyonce or Rihanna……they look the same ?! Joshua and Stevie Wonder ???? For goodness sake.You can’t buy star quality….PPP has it naturally !

  51. Mk50 says:

    Yes Phillips is good…a good copycat! Anyone checking in on this blog should see the effort and hours upon hours that have gone in to copying Dave’s moves,facial expressions, foot movements,interactions with other guitar players,clothing, guitar brand, and on and on. He is only good because Dave is good and he has the voice to mimic him.

  52. Love DMB says:

    I hope Dave appears on Idol for a jam with Phil

  53. A. M. says:

    Hold everything! Just found a guy TOTALLY RIPPING OFF PHIL PHILLIPS. Especially how he dances. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJhIkgc0vf0

    check it out for proof that Phil is the real deal.

  54. dmb fans stfu says:

    Please if you are going to ***** and moan about talent that you will never have, just stop posting crap on the internet. Get a job and do this country a favor. GET A LIFE!

  55. mathewsfan says:

    I found myself really conflicted the first time I saw him. My wife and I are long time, huge DMB fans. i missed his audition episode, but she taped it and watched me watch it. As i said, first reaction was more shock than anything at how similar he was to Dave. Then i went through some feelings off resentment, which surprised me. i think I was feeling like he was ripping Dave off. But, now I find myself rooting for the guy. Anyone who thinks he’s trying to get a leg up, by capitalizing on his ‘Dave-isms’ should think again. There are a lot of us out here, but, DMB is hardly the same-old-same-old, mainstream boring crap that appeal to the masses. It took the judges well into the live shows to even reference Dave, in context to Phillip Phillips. The kid is incredibly talented…if i could play and sing like Dave, convey the emotion he does, connect with the audience the way he does…i’d do it every damned day. (Actually, i want to play the drums like Carter!). As long as he acknowledges Dave’s influence on him, which it sounds like he has, i’m good. Think the prospect of a Dave/Phillip jam is pretty interesting. I don’t think i want to hear him do a Dave tune, too close to the bone for me, but, i bet one of the judges picks one for him when he gets that far. Add to all of the above, that he seems like a pretty decent kid, and I hope he wins it all. We could use a little more Dave in the world, even if it’s from someone he’s influenced. BTW…i thought Mayer was a total rip off of Dave, too. Now I just think he’s a D-bag.

  56. Jfunk says:

    It is too much of an impersonation down to the way he did his little scat dance, rolling the eyes, the way he dresses. He’s making a farce of Idol, not that it isn’t one anyway. Not really talented because he imitates Dave SO much it’s hard not to compare and cringe. Mayer carved out his own niche, good or bad. Stone Temple Pilots carved out their own sound, after everyone thought they copied Pearl Jam. Hope this Phillip kid realizes his mistake. What if someone came on Idol doing exact Elvis impersonations or Michael Jackson? Would you call him talented on his own or just a talented impersonator?

  57. Libby says:

    When musicians play especially live in front of millions they are in their element. There is no way he could be ripping off Dave and be that consistent each week with his impersonation. It is his natural way of playing. If it is an copy of Dave he deserves an Oscar not the AI title. I think he is ridiculously talented and am hoping America gets it right this time and chooses an AI champ that is not country, not pop but the real deal like PP. And Randy did mention the Dave thing in one of his comments on air.

  58. Marcy says:

    I was thinking more like Johnny Lang. Just completely in to his music!!!

  59. Jeff says:

    He makes my skin crawl….it uncomfortable for me to watch him. Total copycat. There’s only ONE Dave.

  60. Dave's great grand-cousin once removed says:

    Lol. I love this thread. I wish someone would take the video A.M. posted and do a split screen with any one of PP’s idol performances. Even at the last show, he chose to scat at the end of Superstition, and if you watch the video of him practicing with Jimmy Iovine and Mary J. Blige it was exactly the way Dave would have done it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnf_4xwqIR4 It’s weird, because if you ever wondered what it would be like if Dave Matthews auditioned for American Idol, just watch ANY of PP’s performances. Honestly when I first watched him I was a little embarrassed for him, but he’s young so he will probably realize it and dial it down at some point. However, as this thread proves, he is definitely a polarizing figure on the barren landscape of pop culture that is American Idol.

  61. Shawn says:

    Seriously people the show is called idol for a reason
    And Phil’s “idol” CLEARLY is Dave Matthews!
    Let’s review The similarities shall we?
    Attire: jeans, always brown boots, tshirt or black shirt

    Guitar, Taylor
    Holding the guitar, exactly
    Hands in pocket. When standing .. Just like Dave
    Foot shuffle, raise leg, shuffle… Exactly
    Facial expression exactly
    Haircut.. Pretty close needs to lose a little
    Song styles very similar with Dave’s quirky verbalizations
    I say he is a 100 percent study of Dave Matthews
    And he should own up to it on the show
    And give Dave praise…. Someone should call
    Him out on it!

  62. Steve Lillywhite says:

    Shawn is right. Phillip Philips is absolutely dreadful.

  63. David says:

    Considering how many singers on American Idol are nothing more than cookie cutter diva’s, country singers, and R&B singers who copy everything every generic person in that genre does, it’s refreshing to see someone like Phillip on the show.

    Does he copy Dave Matthews style? Of course he does. It’s fairly obvious and those who don’t see it are in denial about it.

    But unlike some, I’m not angry that he does it, because in fact for the first time there’s an artist I’m actually excited about on the show. There have been others I’ve liked for various reasons, such as Casey Adams, Bo Bice, Constantine, Crystal Bowersox and Kris Allen but none before have ever got me excited in the same way other professional musicians have gotten me such as DMB, O.A.R., Ben Folds, or Phish.

    As far as his voice is concerned. I like Phillips voice now a whole lot better than Dave’s early voice that we hear on Red Rocks, and Recently. Phillip has more of the deeper growl that Dave’s taken on over the years rather than the more nasaly sound he had when he first started. It’s yet to be seen if Phillips voice can sustain that over a prolonged career because that has to be hard on his vocal chords.

    By the way his version of Loose Yourself was pretty cool and would love to hear him play that on the show.

  64. ShaneHolmesMusic Youtube says:

    Dave Matthews Please go on SNL and pretend to be phillip phillip. make fun of him…..wait! all you’d have to do is play a lil wayne song.

    I cant stand PP, everyone keeps calling him original and it pisses me off as a real “original” musican. Dave Mathews was my inspiration too but I dont need to left up my leg nor mock Dave Mathews fasial expressions in a comical fasion as this kid does. He makes me sick to watch.

  65. ShaneHolmesMusic Youtube says:


  66. Adam Lambert says:

    He sucks.

  67. Wesley Willis says:

    No, Adam Lambert, you suck. Phillip is a great musician, and I’m anxious to see what he does tonight. Sure he has some DMB running through his legs, but his renditions of songs are strong and he’s fun to watch.

  68. DMB_Cupcake says:

    I like Phillip and he’s talented but it’s way to obvious he’s totally copying Dave! It’s one thing to be inspired by a major artist but it’s another thing to mimic the artist and that’s exactly what Phil does. And it does annoy me when the judges keep praising Phil on how “original” he is… sorry he’s not! I honestly wouldn’t mind if he maybe just sounded like Dave when he sang but the facial gestures, how he plays guitar, his body language, even the way he talks lol it’s just way too much and he’s trying way too hard to be exactly like Dave to win this competition!

  69. Zach says:

    I believe that Phil is totally knocking off dmb. Not saying he isn’t talented only voicing my opinion on what I see from week to week. It really does annoy me when the judges on ai totally disregard even mentioning the similarities, if your a real fan of music it is very obvious. I read in a comment above about YouTube videos of g&s phillip Phillips and watched them which made me laugh because the band he is playing makes it even more obvious that Phil really models himself after dmb. That being said I’m not racist, jet figured I would throw that in there before anybody accuses me. Look forward to other comments.

  70. Janice says:

    This guy is a total Dave rip-off. He can mimic every one of Dave’s moves pretty well, he dresses like Dave and is trying to mimic his singing style. Does that make him a great artist? Well yes, he is a great imposter! Phil’s vocals are so-so, nothing compared to Dave. Dave Matthews built a career on his talents; song writing, great vocals, great musicial talent and unique style. Don’t people who steal like Philip Philps is, get sued? And don’t tell me American Idol has not noticed the DMB impersonation. They are providing him with a DMB backup with brass and all. All they are missing is Boyd! Good luck finding someone who can play the fiddle like that. The great thing about this whole situation is that I now can’t wait for the new DMB CD to be released!

  71. shelby says:

    YES! So happy to find this thread (and so easily google-able). This DM impersonator annoys me beyond comprehension. Have to fast-forward through his performances. LOVE DM. Really hate the mimicry. Not original. Yet he’s America’s sweetheart according to the trends. Why? I’m guessing because he is the only semi-attractive guy on AI this year? Really shocked that people like this guy for winning the show.

  72. JBird says:

    Like the guy…. yes. Seems like a cool kid with a lot of potential. But, definitely way “Too Much” Dave Matthews mimiking. He might “Crash” at the end of the show when the judges/america want to see originality shine. There’s “So Much to say” about him on a lot of threads, and if you are one that says he is totally original, go to a couple DMB shows and I believe it will be prove you have been “Under the table and dreaming”.

  73. Jfunk says:

    The difference between PP and DMB: Dave started on his own, writing his OWN songs, influenced by people but having his OWN style, putting together his OWN band. He worked his ass off playing bars, small clubs before hitting it big. DMB has one of the most original sounds in “pop” music. The format in which they play shows might have been influenced by the Grateful Dead but no one can say they copy ANYBODY. It takes a unique life experience and tremendous synchronicity to arrive at a place like DMB. Blood, sweat, tears, tragedy and triumph. All you Idolators and stepford wives can dote on PPhillips all you want but you can’t respect anyone that just goes on a corporate joke of a show and do an imitation of someone else’s act. That’s like trying to steal their soul. Shame on you Phillip Phillips. Shame on you American Idol.

  74. cekovinov says:

    silly fanboys. copycat? LOL. really really silly fanboyism.

  75. Fanboy says:

    I can’t wait to hear what Phil’s version of Dave Matthews covering Billy Joel will sound like tonight!

  76. PJack says:

    So PP killed the Bill Joel tune. Been screaming his likeness to Dave 5 seconds after I saw him try out. I’ve seen Dave at least 10 times and couldn’t be happier there is another guy in the same genre. What’s everyone bitching about…twice as much great music??

  77. Josh says:

    Great singer. But I find it hard to watch when EVERY move is of Dave’s style

  78. Joe says:

    This guy is 100% imitation.

  79. Madison Elizabeth says:

    So glad I found this blog, Philip obviously has spent many hours watching Dave Matthews and mimicking him. It was immediately Apparent to me, a huge DMB fan, that he is purely imitating Dave. I am not saying Phillip does
    not have talent, but he obviously does not know his own unique self
    As an artist. Frankly it ticks me off every time I see him sing on American Idol.
    I agree, with an earlier comment that American idol and Phillip
    Have not mentioned Dave’s “influence” on him. I know Dave’s moves from many many
    Concerts and this PPhillips kid is basically doing a Dave Matthews impression.
    Phillip, go Join a DMB cover band and work on finding yourself. Unfortunately I think this
    Kid is obsessed and thinks he is Dave. Again I can’t be the only person
    Who cringes and sometimes yells at the tv saying
    C’mon you are a copycat! You’ve got to be kidding me!

  80. Matt says:

    I’m one of the biggest DMB fans and have attendend countless shows. Dave would love this guy. He does replicate a lot of what makes Dave, Dave but its because he has clearly been a fan for a long time. Phillip Phillips does have a slightly different sound and style. He seems like a little darker Dave. I could see him putting out an album that is a lot more ‘Halloween’ type songs. The thing that makes DMB so successful is the mix of Dave and the band. It will take an incredible band for Phillip to near the level of Dave. Keep going Phillip, love seeing a DMB style act on AI !!!!

  81. Matt says:

    PJack…..Love that comment! Dave can’t tour forever, let’s start prepping the next DMB style arttist!

  82. Mr. Obvious says:

    That version of Movin’ Out was pretty hard to watch.

  83. Sanch says:

    This guys a ridiculous joke. He should be in Vegas impersonating Dave. This is complete plagerism and is a complete disgrace to DMB fans. Boo!

  84. C'Mon says:

    LOVE Dave and DMB! Seen him solo and them together about 20+ times and it never gets old!

    The Phillips kid has got talent…why does everyone have to spew so much hate for a kid just trying to do what he loves?!?!?! Dave does not have a patent on a particular sound, facial expressions, moving your feet/body, holding a guitar or musical interpretation. And he also is always supportive of new alternative singers/bands…every time I see him/them in concert, his opening act is something new to alternative music. And all the festivals he plays includes up and coming alternative performers.

    You can’t fake talent! And you can’t say no one else is allowed to even sound remotely like Dave! What an elitist attitude!

    If you don’t like Phillips, then don’t watch! But for the rest of us – we’ll continue to watch and enjoy as this young man strives to make his dreams come true! Good for you, Phillip Phillips! You’ve got my respect AND my vote :)

  85. CHock says:

    Yes there are many similarities, but why have we never heard an artist similar to Dave? We see Idol singers and up and coming bands that can easily be compared to someone else, but we never hear the Dave Matthews comparison. I honestly think this is because Dave has one of those voices that isn’t just great, but insanely unique. It is not something easily duplicated. Since nobody ever gets compared to Dave, finally when someone does people call that person a fake.

    I too have seen DMB live many many times, and acknowledge the similarities, but will not ridicule Phil Phillips for being 20, having DMB as a major influence, and mostly having the talent and tone to sound similar.

  86. Mully says:

    I am a singer and am very aware that I have pretty much copied the people I love to try to replicate what I love about them, when I perform I put myself into the mix and it’s not dedicated to one artist. BUT Phil is ripping off Dave SO much that it makes me squirm. You don’t just wake up singing the way Phil does, it’s a choice. His mouth movements, the way he holds the guitar, the way he stands, the way he looks off to the side when he is not singing, the one leg in the air thing.. it is INFURIATING! It’s ALL DAVE! Of course Dave has probably been influenced by other artists and no one is 100% original anymore but this guy is one of the best imitators I’ve ever seen and it’s SO annoying that no one is saying anything! Dave has a really interesting voice but Phil puts it on… you can tell Dave just started singing like that… Phil’s voice is always gravelly and forced. It is just really annoying.

  87. Marc says:

    I agree with MULLY 100%. What I don’t understand is that not one judge on Idol is calling this guy out. How can you live with yourself everyday knowing you are trying to replicate Dave. Every single manerism down to the way he dresses is exactly like Dave. They call him “unique” on the show. He’s about as unique as a grain of sand on a very large uninhabited beach – as uninhabited as his concerts will be if any record label is desperate enough to sign him. I can only imagine what Dave himself would say after watching one of his performances. How akward of a moment would that be?

  88. Dizzmasterflex says:

    Phil rocks! Yes, he looks just like Dave when he sings, but I don’t care, he rocks! DMB is my all time favorite band, however Phil Rocks! I have done some looking around and heard a few original songs of his and he’s got a good sound and I love what he does with remixing old songs. Yeah Dave remixes old songs too, but guess what? Phil ROCKS! Dave Rocks Harder, but…..Phil Rocks!

  89. C says:

    Avid Dave fan, traveled all over to see him live. Prided myself on getting those rare bootleg’s of his music that no one else had…. 10+ years ago now. Dave has an awesome sound, can’t deny that. I love Philip Phillips, who cares if he’s inspired by Dave and has similarities. Philip is talented, no doubt. I agree with the others, Dave is winding down, Philip is here to take over that genre. I would LOVE to hear Dave and Philip jam out together.

  90. C C says:

    I’ve never been a Dave fan (sorry, I know this site is for Dave fans). For a reason I still cannot pinpoint, I was irritated by the cult following of the band that jammed with a soprano saxophone. I have recently found myself to be a Philip Philips fan. Let’s be honest, most musicians are influenced by someone… and that’s ok. Sure he has a lot of “Davisms” but I’m a fan for the other factors that make him the artist that he is – raw talent, spot-on pitch, tone quality, bluegrass influence, indie folk potential, simple look, humble countenance. His ideals as a musician are honest and non-gimmicky, which is something to be respected. For us non-Dave fans, Philip Philips offers fresh, new and relevant entertainment representing a genre of music more dynamic and multi-dimensional than Dave’s alternative style. But the point I’d like to stress the most is that Philip Philips has opened me up to respect Dave more and find his music to be more valid. I believe I speak for other non-Dave fans. In case you’ve found yourself hating on Philip Philips, maybe you should thank him for re-introducing music listeners like me to Dave and redeeming some of my former opinions of his music.

  91. Madison Elizabeth says:

    I again said the guy is talented, But The kid needs to make it his own. That’s what American Idol says they look for. I can’t help it that watching him creeps me out and I Won’t be anymore. Looking forward to my Dave concert this year!

  92. kimberly says:

    Have been a DMB fan for over 13 years now and have seen them too many times to count. It’s become a family tradition to attend. Give the kid a break, who cares if Dave influenced him or if he acts like Dave. He’s got talent. I have never watched American Idol but am this year because of Phillip. He has talent, he can write his own music and even has some really good songs. I’ll just be glad to have more music like DMB to listen to and hear on the radio instead of all the other crap thats out there.

  93. Mr. Obvious says:

    None other than Tommy Hilfiger was enlisted to give fashion advice to the contestants, and PP was acting all defensive like he’s too good to take advice from anyone on how to act. On the results show he said, “I won’t change a thing unless Dave says so.”

  94. Charity says:

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It doesn’t matter who he “imitates”. It is what is. I’m a huge Dave fan. Been to at least 12 DMB concerts, Caravan festivals and Tim &Dave show, already got tickets for 3 shows this summer, but I will also be following Phillip. I really hope in 5 years he’s selling out stadiums. I know I will go.

  95. Bobbi says:

    Nothing infuriates me more than someone with a lack of originality that feels they need to copy someone to get ahead. It’d be one thing if he had a couple of quirks that were “Dave-like”… but this guy has copied every single thing that Dave does! The leg lift, the eyebrow raise, his singing style, his clothes, singing out of the corner of his mouth…and on and on… he admitted to being a fan and he’s obviously studied and replicated his every move. It makes me sick. The guy is fricken talented… why can’t he just be HIMSELF? *sigh* Annoying. Wonder what Dave thinks about it. It’d annoy the crap out of me if someone copied me profusely!

  96. Gina M. says:

    I shuffle my feet and make funny faces when I’m listening and singing along to Dave so does that mean I’m trying to copy him? NO of course not, it means that is just the way my body reacts to the music. Phil Phillips is just doing what comes naturally to him. Why on earth is it so hard to believe that this kid is just being himself? God, some people really need to get a life!!!! and STOP hating……

  97. Gina M. says:

    Also, I doubt very much that Dave is worrying about any of this! Just on the off chance he is reading any of these: Dave, check out Phil Phillips…he is awesome, just like you!!!!

  98. Dizzmasterflex says:

    Go Gina!
    Totally agree

  99. Dizzmasterflex says:

    From reading these posts, it seems to me that the HATERS are the people who have not been watching the show and have seen or heard of Phil Phillips due to a brief clip or something along those lines. The kid is a real genuine humble country kid. His musical life seems to have taken a path similar to Daves, but he is his own person. And you know what else? If what he does works for him, then let it be….Let it be….Hes very talented and its nice to see musicians taking the jam band route instead of this crap pop music and indie rock that all sounds the same to these ears.

  100. DMBFAN!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Im a huge Dave fan but it makes me sick that other Dave fans see this kid as an impersonator. you should all respect this kids own unique talent and his love for Dave as well. Go Dave! Go Phillip!

  101. Michael says:

    Really? Come on Y’all!!!! This kid can blast. I hope he was influenced by Dave. Can’t think of a better mentor. I think he should sing “Long Black Veil”. IMHO it would be perfect for him.

  102. josi jane says:

    This is like someone going on the show in KISS makeup playing the cover songs in the style of KISS and the judges saying “wow dog you are the real deal”. Phillips must be thinking I can’t believe everyone is falling for this…

  103. Carl Winslow says:

    josi jane is right! Wake up people!

  104. Michelle says:

    I love DMB! You are very talented! Continue following your dream and playing music.

  105. House Pet says:

    This is video I found on youtube someone made comparing the two Dave’s. ;)


  106. lama says:

    oh god people are so freaking obsessed! what happens if one day Dave stops making music then what ? good music stops when Dave stops ? oh come on people, all the radio is playing nowadays are justin, gaga, katy perry and all other crap with lyrics close enough to sexual harrasement.
    really annoyed with the “phillip’s talented but since he’s breathing like Dave, let’s bash him” comments. why cant we just recognize talent. at least he’s good enough to even be CONSIDERED as a Dave copy (he’s not IMO). other kids my age have never even heard of dave before and the fact that they r rooting for phillip shows that there’s still hope for good music in the future. i did not want any part of this debate/discussion, but once ‘justin bieber boyfriend’ started trending, i knew i had to do something . learn to love people

  107. Bon says:

    I bet Dave himself would not condone all the mean spiritedness being thrown Phil Phillips way. Enjoy the music, or don’t…just let tthe hate go. I personally love DMB and am totally entertained by Phillips!

  108. David says:

    I have been following Dave since 1999 and I am by no means a “blogger”, but I have been finding myself searching Google with my search titled “Dave Matthews Phillip Phillips”. I stumbled upon this “Dave blog site” and I can’t stop reading the many different blogs and opinions on this matter. I started watching Idol 3 years ago because it was a way to connect with my now fiancé while we lived 250 miles apart. I have been half paying attention to the show this year because of work, but my fiancé has been using the DVR to record the episodes for me to watch. I am torn about the way I feel about Phillip Phillips. I think I love the fact that he is bringing the Dave style to American Idol and at the same time I hate to admit it, but I can’t stand the fact that he is brining Dave to Idol. I think one of the things that bothers me so much is the fact that no one on the show even realizes how much Phillip is imitating Dave. Randy Jackson said that “he reminds him of Dave”. C’mon Randy, did you hear that from someone or see it on twitter? He reminds of you Dave? The kid has basically been acting as a Dave Matthews cover band without the songs and without the band. I cannot believe how much of Phillip Phillips persona is a direct reflection of Dave Matthews. This blog is so dead on with all of your observations and the similarities between Phillip and Dave. The dancing, the facial expressions, the clothing, the scatting, the way he moves, the way he holds the guitar even the way he conducts interviews. I have been watching the Phillip Phillips videos of before Idol and the videos of post Idol. Did you know that in one of his hometown interviews he was asked which venues he’d like to play in? Would you believe the Gorge and Red Rocks were at the top of his list because he has seen some of his favorite artists play there before? Hasn’t The Dave Matthews Band played there and made a CD and DVD of these concerts? Hmmmmm. Not saying no one else has played there, but seems to be another clue to his similarity. I would like to also point out that I know Phillip has acknowledged Dave in interviews and on Twitter, but I think there needs to a little more than just an acknowledgement. Being the huge Dave fan that I am, I have studied the guys every move. I think I speak for all Dave fans when I say that after religiously following the band and more so following Dave, I have become obsessed with Dave Matthews to the point where I think I know when someone else is mimicking him. I think that I am on the side of some of the people that want to give Phillip Phillips a chance, but I really think that the people who blog and have to try to find a way to describe how Phillip Phillips is not acting like Dave are being completely naive or have really not followed Dave all that much. This kid is basically putting on a Dave Matthews show for America to see. I am not saying he will not branch out on his own if he makes it big and I remember always saying that John Mayer was imitating Dave Matthews when he first came out, but I also think John Mayer has matured and developed his own style, so maybe Phillip can do the same. I do believe however that Phillip Phillips is 100% “imitating” Dave. I wish the kid luck, but I wish someone on the show would point out the very, very, very, intense similarity between these two artist. Oh yeah, and I heard somewhere that J-Lo said she didn’t even know who Dave Matthews is. Oh J-Lo, if only all of us could be famous for our booty then we wouldn’t have to know what a real, genuine, original, artist is.

  109. Kyle M. says:

    I agree with David. It’s at the point were I feel a little embarrassed for him when I watch him perform.

  110. Titob says:

    Okay copy cat but I can’t stop watching .

  111. Kelly says:

    Wow, simmer down people. You truly don’t know anything about Phillip Phillips. You just sound like crazies saying, “How dare someone even resemble the great Dave.” I give him the benefit of the doubt personally. Many people just naturally have similar mannerisms and if you couple that with the musical influence, the dave style may just come naturally to him. I don’t know. I’m not going to accuse the guy of watching DMB performances over and over until he perfected them. Bottom line, he is the best thing to walk on the AI stage. Do you actually thing any of those other people are a more legit artist?!

  112. Yupmimic says:

    ….and lets face it…when Philip sang Superstition…and the idiot judges once again said “how original” it was a blatant rip off of Widespread Panics version…which we all know, Philip no doubt was introduced to WSP through following DMB! It’s a shame really because ultimately the kid is talented…he plays many instruments… but like others said… I feel I can’t get past the imitation of EVERYTHING Dave. I want to like him….but I just get mad when I watch him. I would rather he just come forth and smoke a Dave tune and get it out of his system.

  113. Yupmimic says:

    …I am a rootin for the kid though….he has good taste in music/idols ;)

  114. Adcast says:

    Obviously…Randy, Jen, and Steven have never really watched Dave. I feel sick at my stomach everytime this “copycat” comes on. It would be like a young african american put a 60′s suit on, dark sunglasses, and waved his head back and forth while singing “Georgia”……Original??? No, that was Ray Charles. If he wore a white glove and moonwalked, would he be compared to Micheal? Someone Please for the love of God open their eyes. He copies EVERYTHING. If you don’t believe it folks…..You don’t really feel Dave either. It’s one thing to paint the original. It’s something else just to copy. So sad. See you at the local clubs in a few years Phil……Also, Thank you Dave for what you have done for music. Would the real Dave please stand up?

  115. jon says:

    The judges are not familiar with DMB obviously. If an AI contestant dressed like Michael Jackson, sang like Michael Jackson, and did all the unique Michael Jackson dance moves on every song – the judge would like that dude up, telling him to find his own style and that this is not an impersonation show – Phillips is a hack. Will he be popular, yes, b/c DMB is popular, but he is still a hack.

  116. TD says:

    My favorite judge’s comment after last week’s show? After hesitating to join the other two judges in a standing ovation for Phillips’ performance, Steven Tyler says, “and I still think there’s someone in there trying to climb out.” Hmmmm… might that someone be Dave Matthews, perhaps? I won’t try and claim to be the biggest Dave Matthews fan — only saw him a live a couple of times back in the late nineties, but it still only took me about five seconds to notice the blatant ripoff during Phillips’ early auditions. I actually suspect that the judges are aware, and that they are too embarrassed to admit the fact that they had to have it pointed out to them. Now perhaps it’s too late for them to go back and acknowledge that they didn’t notice it themselves. Just a theory, of course… who really knows how to explain this bizarre oversight. Maybe the producers are telling them not to mention it? I don’t blame the kid for being heavily influenced by someone who was clearly his boyhood idol. But the longer he goes without acknowledging it, the more he comes across as though he is trying to hide something. It feels dishonest. I do blame the judges for praising him every week for being so “original,” especially when they blast any other contestant who hasn’t yet “figured out who they are.” The judges should know better.

  117. Yupmimic says:

    …..I’m in total agreement Adcast, Jon and TD. It’s sickening to the umpteenth degree the “original” comments.! rarely agree with the judges picks or critiques regardless. Rut Roh!

  118. RobbieG says:

    This guy is totally ridiculous. Very talented. But a far cry from simply being influenced by Dave. He is a Dave Matthews impersonator and he should be embarrassed about how unoriginal he is an artist

  119. Bob Munz says:

    Phil’s talented in a very narrow way, & manifests as a DM near copy/one trick pony, who shows no guitar or writing skills(as of yet) even close to DM.Like the last few AI winners, ( uni-dimentional, one trick ponies)i expect him to win.

  120. Laurie Pedersen says:

    I just read all the comments. It’s not even worth arguing over. Anyone who has see Dave in concert knows without a doubt that this guy is obsessed with him, and has studied his every move, then doesn’t even have the decency to give credit to his idol! Pisses me off. Shame on you Phil, and shame on you judges for calling him “original” ! Bull shit!

  121. Herman Cain says:

    TD I thought the same thing when Steven Tyler said that someone was inside him trying to jump out. Lol. Here is my conspiracy theory. I am fairly certain the contestants are not allowed to cover and DMB tunes, so maybe the producers don’t want the judges to compare PP to DM because it would be free publicity for DM and they don’t want to provide that, given that DMB doesn’t allow any of it’s tunes to be covered by the contestants. Any thoughts?

  122. Erin says:

    I’m so irritated by Dave Matthews copycat, Phillip Phillips, and have been since his first audition. I’m even more irritated at the judges for saying how original he is. I can’t even watch that show anymore this season. So relieved to read that others are just as annoyed by it as I am.

  123. TD says:

    Totally agree with you, Herman Cain. In the end this has to be about money somehow. The producers know that they have to appeal to the masses of swooning teenage girls who pick up their phones and vote for a guy like PP, since those votes ultimately translate into sponsorship dollars. I suppose they figure that it doesn’t matter if they aggravate a handful of real music fans when they have millions of viewers out there who are too young to know who Dave Matthews really is. The Dave Matthews fanbase is not the demographic that they care about, so instead they try and use the power of suggestion to convince the rest of America that PP is an “original” artist. Sadly, most of America seems to be buying it.

  124. MRH says:

    I’ve been watching this kid since this show started and thought the very first time he auditioned that he was ripping off Dave. There is NO question about it. As a matter of fact, I was so annoyed by this tonight that I had to get online to see if anyone else was hip to this as the judges on AI seem to be totally oblivious. Thank God other people see that this kid is a complete impostor which makes my google search of “Dave Impostor” completely warranted. Dude is fake as a 3 dollar bill.

  125. Natalie says:

    Omg….first day Phil performed Dave Matthews popped in my head….I am a huge fan of DMB …love the influence he has on Phil

  126. cochick says:

    P Phillips dmb cover band coming to a crappy venue near you and American idol gets a cut on each ticket….. This guy needs to find himself. Embarrassing!

  127. Jim says:

    Most people are just influenced by musicians and then add there own touch to it. He’s just copying every little thing about Dave and that’s very annoying to watch. He should either be in a DMB tribute band or find something, ANYTHING resembling his own style. A shame, lot of potential but a waste if just copying someone.

  128. John says:

    I’m aggravated every time Phil is on stage, no originality to his on-stage presence. The way he holds his guitar, his facial expressions, his voice and his foot movements. ITS ALL RIPPED OFF.

  129. MRL says:

    I am so disgusted with Phillips’ blatant…and mediocre…. impersonation of Dave Matthews. He doesn’t just have Matthews “inspired” moments in his performances, he copies the real artist from the footwork, to the clothing choices, to the exact guitar and phrasing choices! He cannot sing one song without the act.

    I find it even more disgusting that the judges praise this loser for his “originality” and “different sound” when there is not one original thing about him. Take away all of the things he “borrows” from Dave, and what do you have? Um….who knows because his entire schtick is a contrived karoke insult.

  130. Embarrassing to Watch says:

    I find it almost embarrassing for Phillips that his act is such a direct copy of Dave Matthews. Being inspired or influenced by an artist is one thing, and Matthews is certainly a huge inspiration to many. However copying someone’s every move, sound, expressions, renditions of covers, etc…(the list could go on and on in this situation) is simply insulting and embarrassing to watch. I find it amazing that this kid is praised for originality when he clearly has none. Shame on him.

  131. Jim says:

    Why would anyone want to copy Dave Matthews….he just growls and sweats…if you dig that then ok I guess

  132. Sean Pope says:

    Get off your high horse everyone. Rock N Roll is a rip off of everything that came before it. It always has been, it always will be. Your precious Dave should be held in no higher regard than any other artist. Was Led Zeppelin original? No! Hell, they never even paid Willy Dixion for Whole Lot Of Love until the 2000′s! Mick ripped off Howlin Wolf, Iggy ripped off Mick, and so on and so forth. Just because you have the attention span of a fly, and your idea of,music history dates back only as far back as Pearl Jam; do not think for a second you are experts on anything. Plagrism is the very definition of Rock N Roll, ask any blues artist. It is what it is, just enjoy it, and stop your bitching. PS Lemmy is God…….. not Dave!

  133. Meggan Pope says:

    The above poster Sean Pope is my husband and this has been a long standing debate in our house. This kid doesn’t have an original bone in his body and it aggravates me that NO ONE ON THIS SHOW WILL EVEN MENTION IT! Come on! Led Zeppelin COVERED “Whole lotta love”, they did not sing it EXACTLY the way Willy Dixon did. They made it their own. Mick does not sing like Howlin wolf, Iggy does not move like Mick Jagger, and so on and so forth. I must also mention that my husband despises DMB and so therefore will come up with any reason he can to put the band and the man down. Don’t insult other people and their musical tastes and stand up for someone you don’t even really like just for arguments sake. And to the above commenter who compared his talents to those of Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, and Lane Staley because they were popular artists when he was a kid, yeah, he was born when they were popular so that argument is defunct as well. The kid is a blatant impersonator and deserves to be called out for it.

  134. Sean Pope says:

    Zeppelin never covered “Whole Lotta Love,” they stole it, with no credit or royalties ever paid until long after Mr. Dixon was dead. Rock N Roll should be called Rip Off and Roll. I love Rock N Roll, but look at your beloved Dave. Ya think him or anyone else (including the Beatles) haven’t been ripping off every other artist that came before him. Shit Elvis is the King of Rock N Roll, and he is the biggest hack in history. Get over yourself. I bet Dave probably kinda likes this kid.

  135. LRS says:

    If this guy, Philip Phillips didn’t go out of his way to talk about how original he is and how he doesn’t want to be anyone else and that he is an individual, it may not be so annoying that he acted like Dave. Although, I find it very annoying when someone tries to act like someone else, it’s just ridiculous. Be yourself, don’t try so freakin hard to be another person! I think he sucks at singing personally, he constantly has pitchy notes and the worst is when the judges tell him how amazing he is, even though he went flat on several notes, and the next person who sings that sings really good and maybe missed 1 or 2 notes, they end up giving them crap for being “pitchy.” It proves to me that this show is a joke, and it is impossible to take it seriously. I think this Phillip guy needs to stop talking about how much he wants to stick to being himself and admit that he is a knock off of Dave.

  136. JFO says:

    Individuality?? CMON! I cant believe the judges dont acknowledge this blatant copy-cat! Everything about this guy is a rip off – EVERYTHING (feet work, facial expressions, how he holds his guitar, singing, etc…… Even if he eventually gives credit to Dave, its a bit too late…. Im sure by then he will have read all the scathing, yet much deserved, blogs and try to do some damage control but it’ll be a day late and a dollar short. Send him home and get your own musical identity… And whats with him groping Ryan at the end of every show?

  137. PhillpsWearsDMBBoxers says:

    This guy is a ripoff from the minute he walks out on stage down to when he walks off. He is a Dave impersonator, PERIOD. Do I care? Not really, AI sucks to begin with so he is no better or worse than any of them. Last night was the first I had heard of him. I just thought it was hilarious how the judges claimed he was original so I had to look him up. Talented? Maybe. Totally ripping off Dave Matthews in every way possible? Absolutely! Look many people on the show try to be Whitney Houston, etc. They try to sing exactly the same and that is okay. They don’t walk, talk, dance, and mimic every single move like this guy does.

  138. erik thorsen says:

    If I went up there and danced and sang just like Axl Rose, It would be so obvious I am ripping off Axle Rose,This kid is basically singing a song as Dave Matthews singing like another singer.I cant beleive how everyone says that he took his “inspiration” from Dave.I hope Dave sues the shit out of him

  139. jp says:

    give me a frackin’ break — everybody in this business is taking something from somebody they heard before; be happy that he’s emulating somebody good since most are copies of crap. Nothing of any art form is ‘absolutely’ original, that’s just ridiculous. As humans we are all copies fo someone…

  140. jp says:

    You think that anyone of the other contestants is original? Who?

  141. Adcast says:

    Mrs. Pope, Good luck trying to convince your husband the reason this bothers people so much. Some people just can’t understand the DMB. When a complete imposter reveals himself they can’t see it. Many of us here are Dave fans….along with tons of other musicians. Several of the “unoriginal” ones you listed. For anyone to say that Zepplin or the Beatles were not original……..???????? Really????? Thats like smacking God in the face! Keep playing those Willy Dixon records.

  142. jp says:

    yes really!
    I am very much a Mathews fan — but he’s no god by any means nor do I think he want’s to be. Musicians are not gods they are simply people playing music. Some are better than others, and they are all emulating someone. I’m sure if you asked Mathew’s who influenced him he’d give you a list and you’d see in his music who he’s taken from; and I bet I could name that list because he acts and sounds like them. Imitation is the sincerest from of flattery my friend; I’m happy to hear a Mathews imitator rather than a Reba. Philips obviously has musical chops given the arrangements he’s able to come up with — get a grip people.

  143. Princess says:

    I’m a huge DAVE MATHEWS fan and this kid is a rip off. His expressions, gestures, the way he handles his guitar, it’s like watching DMB in action but guys PHILIPS’ voice is nowhere near DM’s.

    Please Philip, for you own good, develop your own style. Do not copy every move, every facial expression, every single thing that DM does.

  144. nag champa says:

    Two words… COPY CAT. oh yea, one more, DORK!

  145. Princess says:

    Yup nag champa, a copy cat

  146. Adria says:

    I have seen Dave Matthews Band in concert 10 times (I even have a signed guitar!) and there will never be another that can replace my love for Dave. That being said, I LOVE Phillip Phillips. I love everything about him. As a Dave fan, Phillip Phillips is a new bonus. He has passion and fire in his heart for music and that is what makes him so special and unique. He actually sounds more like John Bell from Widespread Panic, IMO, but that is another story. I agree with JP…I don’t think Phillip WANTS to be DM. I think he has just learned things from several musicians and grown from there. I can totally see him doing his OWN jam session here at Red Rocks. Badass! GO PHILLIP!!

  147. robert munz says:

    The last performance night….Phil struggled (unsuccessfully) to make even a few, of his slightly challenging notes.The judges reamed everyone else for their less offensive failures, & not only denied his inability to sing well, but,praised him for his crappy eructations-The unfortunate unloading of the DM tour bus crap & wee tank over the bridge sounds better than wanna be DM.

  148. Adcast says:

    robert munz for president. Thank God someone else can see!!

  149. robert munz says:

    You rock Adcast!!!

  150. jane says:

    like him !I think he ganna win!

  151. Stefan's Tweet says:

    On Twitter, when asked about appearing onstage with PP, Stefan Lessard, bassist for DMB says he would bring a stun gun. So I’m not entirely sure that DMB is diggin’ this kid. Lol

  152. robert munz says:

    @ Jane:Like the last 4 Idol “winners”: Cook,Allen,Dewyze,& McCreey; all who share similar sonic (vocal) & stylistic limitations with Phillips.Phillips has an arguably, better than average chance of winning,not because he’s a great,deserving singer like Kelly Clarkson…but largely, because the judges have lobbied their considerable influence to the public, while knowing he’s not as “great:, nor “original”, as they state.Imho: Phillips fits a template (like the last 4 winners) that the “cheeseballs” in the ivory tower believe is the most profitable for their show.

  153. Emily says:

    Oh my gosh! I was wondering if anyone else thought this. Saw him the first night try outs for A.I. Don’t even watch the show anymore, but thought I would because of this kid. I do enjoy him now, but I have flip flopped! First, I like him. Then, I didn’t at all because “hello!” Dave Matthews is my man and an original and clearly he was taking that! I would have loved if Phil said, “Dave M. is my inspiration and I’ve been mimicking and daydreaming to be like him one day!” It’s like kids wanting to be Derek Jeter! My 2 1/2 year old son is already pretending to be Dave! He is a respectable guy (THE BEST!) but even my son would have to admit that one day!

  154. Emily says:

    Has anyone on the show called him out on this yet? Oh yea, those judges probably don’t know true talented musicians such as Dave. They only know P.Diddy who’s all synthesized or whatever anyway. I do have to credit Phil for singing with an instrument though. Sadly, the show gets real talent unlike the real music world.

  155. Heather says:

    I really don’t care for Dave Matthews but I love this kids voice. He can copy his movements all he wants as long as he keeps singing like he does. And most of the kids voting are under eighteen and
    will have no idea who Dave Matthews even is so if he mentions him the only people that will get it are all of us adults who are watching this show…

  156. Lorenzo says:

    I remember the first time I saw this guy and I thought… hey, he kinda sounds like Dave… wait, he really sounds like Dave… fuck, he carries the guitar like dave, moves his feet like Dave, and if you superimposed his voice on a dmb record, we might not even know the difference!

    I respect PP’s talent but seriously, you can be greatly influenced by a specific artist but if everything you do is exactly like that person, then that isn’t flattering to nobody. It’s plagiarism of the worst kind- stealing another’s identity.

    Every time I watch him, I don’t see anything original at all. Who is he really, as a musician? You can be a mix of the music you’ve listened to and the one’s who’ve made it are those that possess an individual sound born from those influences. If he’s gonna walk and talk like DMB, maybe he should be like a comedic musician rather than celebrate his “individual talent” on live television.

    Hearing all this blather about his ORIGINALITY n all dat is insulting. PP should out himself on stage before he gets smacked cuz this joke wasn’t funny the first time.

  157. robert munz says:

    Last night PP, still DM like enough,(imho) veered the most so far from his usual wont to carbon copy his DM vector,ironically & uncharacteristically,despite PP’s noticeable departure from his norm, the usual “butt” kissing from the judges turned to a call/gentle snap-down, to PP, to break out of his usual, & stretch a little.Kudo’s to the judges & semi-kudo’s to PP.

  158. Megan says:

    I cant take it. It makes me loves Dave so much more than I ever thought was possible. You know what they say: Imitation is the best form of flattery. Phil…be your own person. Do your own moves…and if nothing else-PLEASE STOP DANCING LIKE DAVE. our voice and mannerisms are enough. SOOOO excited to see the real deal this summer. :)

  159. David says:

    It’s about time he acknowledged that Dave is an influence on his music in the show! Jimmy nailed it on his observation that, “Phillip is influenced by Dave Matthews, but you have Dave Mathews singing a Maroon 5 song”. I do disagree with the “singer/song writer” observation however. I don’t know that Phillip writes his own songs, but I could be wrong. I have only heard cover songs by him on the show and on youtube. Phillip got a little chocked up when asked to comment afterwards also, you think he is worried that he has been revealed? Prob not! I would like to think that though

  160. Meggan Pope says:

    It is about FREAKING TIME someone finally called this kid out for his blatant IMITATION of Dave. I mean for chrissakes, he even had a SAXAPHONE PLAYER with him last night!!! That was a blatant “davesque” cover of a Maroon 5 song! I have seen DMB over 75 times live and this kid has nothing on him! It was ridiculous! What’s more ridiculous is that even after the judges and Jimmy finally called him out, he was still in the top 3! I hate this show, but it’s like watching a train wreck, I can’t stop watching in horror as America votes for the worst, and sends home the best.

  161. Meggan Pope says:

    And BTW even my husband semi-agreed with me when the Saxophone player came out on stage last night. Progress people :-)

  162. JFO says:

    He fessed up ONLY after the judges called him out on it. What a loser. As I said before – a day late and a dollar short… Kick him off already and give airtime to the real singers/performers.

  163. Kevin J. says:

    What took them so long to point out this guy is a Dave Matthews ripoff!

  164. Jeff says:

    Its pathetic. I have been watching Dave since 1994 and have seen him perform in fraternity basements…Phil Phillips is a complete copy cat with not originality whatsoever. From the raised one eyebrow, to the growl, to the closely held guitar high on his body, to the gentle one legged foot stamp on beat, to the on stage humility (which is one copied mannerism that is OK by me actually_). I hate to say it but its like Phil has studied Dave ad nauseam, worshiped his style and really adopted it as his own. The comments by the judges that he is somehow so “unique” is really hard for me to hear. Going to college during Dave’s rise, I knew handfuls of guys who would sit in their rooms with their solid body acoustic guitars and cover Dave songs as well as come up with their own material in Dave’s exact vocal and musical stylings…He was so different and new at the time that people were excited to incorporate his sounds…But these guys were just hangin’ out playing in their dorm rooms not poised to win American Idol and secure multimillion dollar recording deals…I don;t doubt that Phil is a great guy and a talented musician. But if he is going to be an “artist” in the truest sense of the word, he needs to find his own voice.

  165. Jeff says:

    This is not about Phil being inspired by or influenced by Dave Matthews. Please everyone! PLEASE! Wake up! This is about A flat out impersonation! That’s all it is – An impersonation! I feel like I am taking crazy pills here people!

  166. Sam says:

    Whoa everyone…I honestly don’t understand why so many of you take issue with Phillip’s likeness to Dave. I’m a huge Dave fan-I’ve seen him every year since 9th grade, but more importantly a MUSIC fan. Phillip has talent people- he may not be Dave, but he’s freakin talented and to me, it’s cool that someone young is following Dave’s path. Let’s be serious…Dave has had many successful years and who knows how much longer he will be performing…it’s refreshing to know there is someone else out there that’s interested in MUSIC-not shit you hear on the radio- and could potentially carry on the dave-esque legacy.

    To Phillip-Good Luck Buddy…you have my vote…I’m sure Dave is not bothered by your style, he should be proud he made an impact on a young musician.


  167. Tiny Tim says:

    Well, I guess it was all working up toward this. FINALLY, Jimmy Iovine said what we all were thinking. And I have to say I feel a lot better about the situation. Now Phillip gets to demonstrate how he will handle this criticism. I have always thought that the kid would be great if he stopped the imitation part of his performance, (i.e. eyebrows, crazylegs) and develop his own style. Up until last night there was no hope because no one had the heart to be honest with him. But if he takes the advice and chisels his own style out a bit more, I will be his biggest fan. Humility is a virtue and if he uses this criticism constructively will be better than ever next week.

  168. D Michael says:

    The fact that it took this long to make the comparison is bullsh$t. Give Dave some record sales over a copycat. Are the judges sooooooo music saavy that they haven’t said a word this whole time? He sings the same, dresses the same, dances the same, and even sings with the same facial expressions. Very original that no judge even recognizes on tv. Idiots. This kid is even acting like dave m. I am cool. I am this way, take it or leave it… As long as its like Dave Matthews. Uhhh gross

  169. Annie says:

    You people knocking PP are so funny. I bet you’re sitting at home in your underwear, fingers poised above the keyboard just waiting for the freshest meat to attack. Get over yourselves for a few minutes. Sure, the kid has been influenced by several musicians, including DM. But he’s a KID. He’s on an extremely structured talent show, and doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room. If you had half of his talent, you’d be on the show instead of salivating over his perceived influences. SMH.

  170. D Michael says:

    To all the people defending pp, if he wasnt so “cute” you would be bashing him too.

  171. Barbara says:

    I feel embarrassed for Phillip when he plays and they call him an original. I appreciate that a person takes what they like in an artist and uses it to “make it their own”. However, he copies everything.
    It disappoints me that these judges never make reference to Dave…
    Phillip is a young man, but we want this young man to develop his own artistry.

  172. @Barbara says:

    Just in case you missed the results show Jimmy Iovine called him out on his “act”

  173. robert munz says:

    As the inimitable Simon Cowell would say : “Phillip,start packing your suitcase”

  174. Adock says:

    American Idol should really consider incorporating a voting feature to vote AGAINST a contestant. These votes would negate the positive votes that a phillips situation might get from the tons of teeny boppers voting… who don’t know its a straight up musical con.
    Seacrest would be like “and if you don’t want this person to win, text NO on your AT&T phone to 5103.”

    So, if any of you have the resources to get through to AI and articulate this idea… I think they’d like it. Maybe throw it in for the remaining contestants… wishful thinking perhaps

  175. JQ says:

    Bottom line, Phillip Phillips is a Dave Matthews impersonator PERIOD. The fact that “everyone” (anyone who has ever had the pleasure to Witness the DMB and all their greatness, billions) knows this and he could still win AI is the greatest compliment Dave could get. AI has produced unbelievable talent every season and will continue to, if they wake up and stop the “staged” BS and get back to a musical talent contest, not a Hit show, and not just a vocal competition, an “Idol” comes up with something, on their own, makes it theirs, and dumps it all on the stage, nothing less.
    AI, get rid of the stupid age limits while your at it!

  176. Meggan Pope says:

    Well put JQ! It is quite a compliment to Dave that a blatant impersonator of his musical talent can win a popularity contest watched by millions! Always fan of the “true” Dave!

  177. Jessie says:

    Seriously! The fact that he NEVER even mentions Dave is a total loser move! Every thing he does, the way he sings,, his facial expressions, his DANCING FEET t(hat Dave has been doing since 1995)!!!!! At least give Dave recognition for his inspiration or Phillip is the biggest loser ever! Completely what Dave isn’t about! And all U Dave haters…. Then I hope u hate Phillip too!

  178. Sara says:

    Original? Not even the slightest. The judges got it all wrong. I hope next season we get an Elvis Impersonator and he wins, it would be the same thing :)

  179. Gina M. says:

    Wow, haters!!! Leave him alone already. Whether you like him or not, he’s here. If you can’t take watching him “copy” Dave, then don’t F*ckin watch and keep your mouths shut!!!!

  180. robert munz says:

    When Randy said : “That leg move thing you do there, thats so original ” shows: Randy never noticed/or saw DM do it all the time.PP has proven after multiple performances that : 1.His vocal register range is very limited.His phrasing is very predictable & boring.Keith Richards said (everybody copies everybody)…which i believe is true, but please, do it with class & some subtlety, & include more of yourself in it than mostly DM.I watch, listen & don’t shut my mouth when PP’s on because i live in the USA,& will, & do defend the right for people to say what they want,even if i disagree.

  181. Ric says:

    He is sooooooo annoying. Can any one imagine seeing this copy cat in concert? If he was to win, he wouldn’t survive out there in the music world. I bet you if someone dressed and sung like Lady Gaga, they’d have been kicked off weeks ago. There is no difference to what Philip “copy cat” Phillips is doing.

    I hope he gets booted off and stubs is toe on the door on the way out.

  182. cakrw says:

    There is only one Dave Matthews….obviously Phillip has been influenced by him. But he is not Dave…he is Phillip. I think he is great. I can’t wait to see him honor Dave by doing one of his songs….Way to go, Keep up the good work

  183. Luciellen says:

    This is a very HOT topic. Philip is definitely talented but to not acknowledge his similarities to Dave Matthews is an insult. His vocal styling, the posture and expressions, the way he holds his guitar and the little dance moves may be his style but it is not uniquely his alone. The judges on American Idol are doing Dave Matthews an injustice by not recognizing the striking similarities. Are they trying to protect the young contestant from public scrutiny or something?

  184. TD says:

    No, I don’t think the judges are trying to protect the young contestant — I think they are trying to cash in on the “new” Dave Matthews. You know…the one that nobody in the teenage girl voting audience is even remotely aware of. They realize that they are sitting on a cash cow — if only they can continue convincing this unwitting group of young voters that Phillips is “new” and “original.” They saw how well the original Dave Matthews did the first time, and they are drooling over the possibilities of striking gold with a younger version for a new generation. It’s an already proven formula, and they know they can’t lose. Why else would Randy Jackson have backtracked on his earlier observations about the Dave Matthews similarity? And why else would Jimmy Iovine’s comments from last week (regarding Phillips’ similarity to Dave Matthews) have been so emphatically denied the following week by Randy Jackson? I think that they are trying very hard to pretend that Phillips is an original artist — they have a lot to gain from it.

  185. TD is right says:

    There’s no hope. Colton blew it last week with the Lady Gaga song, which wasn’t so bad until he made that weird face while he was singing and then after that he performed the worst cover of “September” anyone has ever done. What was he thinking??? Ugh. Now PuPu has a clean shot to the finish line. This is the last season of Idol I will ever be party to. The way they handled the DM comparison, with Randy coming right out in the 2nd audition and saying to PP, “You remind me so much of Dave Matthews.” And after that, silence. J-Lo is to out of touch to realize who DM is and Steven Tyler is clueless in general. And Randy,(at the recommendations of the producers I’m sure) has remained silent since then. Basically every time Randy says “original” or “unique” you can bet inside his head he is saying “Dave Matthews copycat.” I can tell by the way he says it he’s being facetious. So, he HAS been coached to keep the DM on the DL so they don’t accidentally promote DM in any way shape or form. DMB doesn’t allow Idol to perform there music, therefore, why would Idol allow comparisons inadvertently promoting them.

  186. Robert Munz says:

    Like others that made it to the top 2 or three. Their favorite influence (performers) came on to perform with them….It’s not out of the question, (not that PP deserves it)But DM might show up to perform with wanna be “clone”PP. Vegas odds are about 80/20% no…. but, stranger things have happened.

  187. TD says:

    Wouldn’t it be great, though? The Idol producers flat out exposing themselves with a direct side-by-side comparison. Audience members with jaws dropped, looking from one performer to the other, trying to figure out which one is the “real” Phillip Phillips. Everyone slowly but inevitably realizing that they are in the twilight zone. A long shot for sure, but I would love to see that. I, too, am done with Idol after this season – unless, of course, Dave Matthews decides to try out next year, and gets told by the judges that he needs to be more original and not just a Phillip Phillips imitator. That would be fun to watch. And thank you, Robert Munz, for standing up for all of us “haters” who are out here asking for a little honesty.

  188. BJ says:

    I don’t see why there are so many negative posts about Philip Phillips. I have been a huge Dave Matthews fan since he started playing in clubs in Virginia before he hit it big. I love Dave Matthews and thing he is one of the best singer/songwriters in the world. I’ve been backstage with Dave at several concerts also, and have had discussions with him on numerous occations. But that said, Phillip Phillips is a kid trying to make it in the music industry… He is on a show trying to make it in a cut throat area, and anyone who loves the DMB should surley support Phillip, he’s not a copy cat as many of you have stated, he’s a shy southern boy who has been thrust into the spotlight and doesn’t know what to do, besides what he is great at, playing his guitar and singing. He is not copying Dave, but is just being himself feeling the music and getting lost in the rythm. I suppose once he makes it and releases an album, if he has an instramental breakout in a concert you all will say oh he’s just copying Dave… well if he does or is, it does not matter, who wouldn’t want the success of the DMB.. Phillip Phillips is a great kid, who is following the American dream, all you “haters” out there should embrace Phillip Phillips and be thankful that music like the DMB performs will continue for years to come…… If you don’t think Phillip Phillips is honest, you are lost and don’t know what reality is.

  189. DMB on IDol says:

    I have reason to believe that PP will be covering DMB tonight.

  190. David says:

    BJ. I also think there are some negative blogs on here about PP, but I also believe a majority of the blogs stem from an observation that American Idol displays an ignorance or lack of notarization of Dave or the Dave Matthews Band. It’s extremely hard for me to listen to the judges (as an avid Dave follower also) sit there and continue to praise PP for his originality. I was actually quite surprised when I saw Phillip’s first few performances and I was glad to see the “Dave style” on American Idol, but once again the show and lack of acknowledgement has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I have nothing negative to say about Phillip personally, but I think deep down I wish that the American Idol viewers were aware of Dave. I think when you become a “Dave follower” you feel a certain ownership/dedication to his music and the atmosphere and memories he has burned in our brains. I guess as a Dave fan, I kind of feel selfish about my fandom of DMB and I don’t want anyone to take it away. I do wish the guy luck, but I really do wish America knew how much of an influence Dave really is on this guy.

  191. Jimbo says:

    Look, at this stage of the game, one could argue that there are few, if any “true” originals left. Even those who are said to be unique (Lady Gaga) are to an extent a “copy” of someone else. To say Phil Phillips ripped-off Dave isn’t really a fair assessment. If one chose to, it could be argued that somewhere along the line even Dave got his style from someone else. Regardless, Phil Phillips is talented to be sure and we should all thank our lucky stars he reminds us of Dave Matthews and not Justin Bieber, Gaga, or about twelve dozen other acts.

  192. Meggan Pope says:

    Oh come one! THE STONE! THATS THE SONG YOU PICK TO BUTCHERIZE! Lord have mercy on this poser. If you are gonna be a DMB imitator the worst thing you could have done was try to put your own “twist” on an obscure Dave song! Angers me beyond belief that he will probably win this craptastic “talent” show”! I am going to audition as an Elvis impersonator next year and see how far I get…

  193. Lorenzo says:

    I keep waiting for him to do something different… (idiot here, … I know) and yet again we are treated to yet another completely unoriginal performance.

    Does he think that by doing a fringe DMB song like THE STONE (which actually happens to be one of my all time faves) that we wouldn’t catch on to his antics? And what irritates me the most is that he didn’t attempt to change anything about it!

    Ok. I’m gonna stop talking about PP now or I’m gonna burst a few veins. Only reason why I’m still watching the circus, is Jessica. Time for a MexicaAsian to bring it home bebe.


  194. Gina M. says:

    OMG! All of you people bashing Phillip Phillips makes me sick to my stomach. I really can’t believe that people who claim to love Dave so much could be this ignorant and cruel. If you don’t like Phillip or are mad because he has a talent like Dave and you all wanna be like Dave yourselves, then just don’t watch the show. It kinda defeats your whole purpose, no? You watch even though you can’t stand him then bash him for being something you consider a “copy cat” please!!! Aren’t we all adults? In my opinion there is not enough good music out there now. I personally would love to see Phillip make it big so I have someone else I can groove to. To claim to be a music lover then bash this kid is just plain ignorant.

  195. Gina M. says:

    When Stevie Nicks was the mentor she told Phillip he reminded her of a young Lindsay Buckingham and that if he were around when they were forming they both, Stevie and Lindsay, would want him in the band. So, does anyone have anything to say about that? Or doesn’t Stevie know what she’s talking about????

  196. Karen says:

    I have been seeing Dave for a long time now and every mannorism is Dave. Leg lifting, eyes, mouth all of it. It is one thing to sound like him but another to impersonate his gestures. I probably adore him on the show cause of it. I love Dave and he is it. How brillian of him to capture attention with something that already works. Dave is great and Phillip is great he would rock the world as a copy band

  197. Hooray says:

    One funny thing I noticed last night, is that during The Stone, he kept the eyebrow down the whole time and, if I’m not mistaken, he didn’t even lift his leg… Who does he think he is?

  198. David says:

    So I was listening to “Before These Crowded Streets” on my IPOD on the way home and “Stay” came on a few miles before I got home while driving with the windows down. I live in Baltimore for the time being and it was about 65 degrees out on the way home. I have been anticipating watching the recording on my DVR of last night’s Idol show because I was reading this blog earlier at work and noticed that people had mentioned Phillip sang “The Stone”. I have posted on here 3 other times and I have been pointing out the similarities between PP and Dave, and Phillip’s copycat style. The mood was right while listening to “Stay” and I pictured Dave and Phillip jamming together on stage, and I begin to feel kind of happy for the kid. I mean let’s face it, those of you who are avid Dave followers would probably faint at the opportunity to jam with Dave. As I got home I fast forwarded through all of the other performances until I got to Phillip singing the Stone. I was surprised at how much they acknowledged Dave on the show last night and I was glad that Phillip finally sang a Dave song. I feel like it was kind of a release for him, and maybe a F.U. to all those people that claim he is a Dave Imitator (present company included). I read a few post on here about how people should be ashamed and such for bashing Phillip Phillips. I don’t really agree with those posts because I feel that people are justified in their response to Phillip’s obvious impersonations and the lack of American Idol acknowledging the similarities. I don’t think people should be upset that people watching this (who are crazy for DMB) get upset at PP. I totally think it is justified because I have felt the same way. I think people kind of feel that somehow Dave is being robbed of his identity, and if you follow Dave religiously you probably are going to get slightly offended by the fact that someone besides Dave is representing the Dave style. As for me, I do feel that I have taken a step back (especially after last nights episode and my relaxing drive home) and tried to understand that PP is doing what we all want to do. I noticed that in some blogs the people that hate the PP haters are saying “why do you keep watching the show if you hate him so much?” Well I think I can answer that question. We watch the show because we LOVE DMB and Phillip has brought the style of Dave and DMB to American Idol. We are so “Butt Hurt” unfortunately, because it is not Dave who is getting notarized and American Idol has refused to point out the very, very, very similar styles of Phillip Phillips and Dave J. Matthews. I really do wish Phillip the best of luck and it would floor me if Dave came on the show to perform with Phillip (I would be so F*#&in envious).

  199. Gina M. says:

    Randy Jackson has said numerous times on AI that Phillip reminds him of Dave. Maybe you missed the reference but I didn’t. If you watch the show because you love DMB then why bash Phillip? The bottom line on all of this is who really cares? It is so stupid for people to think that Dave’s identity is being robbed. I doubt very much that Dave even cares…..so why should we????

  200. Gina M. says:

    @Hooray – he KNOWS who he is…Phillip Phillips….

  201. Dave says:

    Because it a BLOG!!! and that is what you do on BLOGS. You state your opinion. The fact is plain and simple. PP has been influenced by Dave. The fact that people are pointing it out and stating the obvious has nothing to do with “bashing” PP. Some people on here may have been bashing PP, but personally I have not! The fact that Randy Jackson has said a few times that PP reminds him of “Dave” doesn’t sit well with some people. Any Dave follower would know that PP doesn’t just “remind” them of Dave, but he actually has you thinking of Dave throughout his whole performance. You are 100% right about your observations that Dave probably wouldn’t care. He would probably more than likely support PP, but like I said, “this is a BLOG” website. Your asking “who cares”, but you seem to care very much so.

  202. Gina M. says:

    @Dave..you got me..Ok, PP has been influenced by Dave..who cares? I didn’t say YOU were bashing PP, I just pointed out that there are a lot of haters on here who actually take it personally that PP is influenced by Dave. The fact that this doesn’t sit well with people is just plain stupid. We don’t “own” Dave, nor does he corner the market on making stupid faces or lifting his leg when he plays. My question is why are people offended by someone who they don’t even know and never will cross paths with? He is talented…end of story. I sure won’t post on this BLOG anymore!! Yikes!!! The world would be a better place if people only knew how to accept and not judge….

  203. AdRock says:

    What is the difference from bashing the intelligent ppl of this blog about their words/ ideas or bashing PP??- both are the same judgements I think you’re referring to. I think its fair to say you don’t like that it upsets people, intsead of calling everything stupid! The same way that most ppl here including myself, don’t like the notion of some random dude being pawned off as an original artist on a huge show…It has been mad annoying, yet captivating to watch the judges talk about how crazy unique/ original he is.

    Having said that, I also felt a little more at ease hearing PP cover a DMB tune…also very interesting to hear him sing the lyrics “why do feel like i’m in too deep?” Then, looking straight at the camera “Yes, I have done wrong.. Now I’ve been praying for some way to show them that I’m not what they see.”

    Big ups to PP if he was actually thining along the lines of speaking to the audience out there that know the jig was up after the 1st audition. And if he WAS actually using that song and those lyrics as an apology of some sorts- he’s a probably a smart dude who’s stepping up his truth game!

  204. Brennan says:

    PP has talent, no doubt. I mean, I can’t play guitar. I just think as great as the judges think he is, their approval just shows how under rated dmb is. He is getting by the same way Daughtry did by doing covers of Johnny Cash and Live. If American Idol was looking for a lead in a DMB cover band, PP is THE CHOICE. But I don’t want to see a copy cat, or imitator, or impersonator or a tribute artist win AI.

  205. Senta says:

    Even Stefan Lessard gave Phillip props…

  206. Doc says:

    No-one doubting PP’s talent. However, he is too strong on Dave’s meem. Look it up if you don’t know what this meens (sic). Dave has created a pretty amazing arsenal of sounds/actions/guitar techniques etc all no doubt collected from other artists/musicians (famous or not I might add, you often pick things up from your mates) and then expanded upon, reformatted, personalized whatever into a distinct, unmistakeable scenario that is Dave Matthews. Right?

    Any sort of artistic meem is very seductive to most young musicians who all learn (same way Dave did) from their heroes. The trick is to get past that growing stage and develop your own thing. This needs to happen early because if you stay stuck in the same meem (as PP has) for too long, it shows and a lot of people watching will see this and discredit you.

    Sad for PP that this is happening in front of a global audience. Who knows a couple of years down the line if he had showed up he may have already moved on from his Dave meem. But in my opinion he probably never will.

  207. Johnny talents says:

    Yeah, this kid sucks. Clearly a Dave impression. Anyone who has followed DMB can tell its just that, an impression. Pretty lame really. Thing is, every once in a while, he “falls out” of the dave voice anf you hear his REAL voice and….. He sucks. Hey, Adam Sandler is funny, but i’m not gonna pay $ to go watch someone do an impression of him for an hour. :|

  208. Wise one says:

    Hey, we should’ve known this kid wasnt gonna be original. His name is phillip phillips for gods sake!! Maybe he should just change his name to david davis or matt matthews. Lmfao

  209. Really? says:

    So hard to watch. When they call him an artist it makes me sick. He is such a Dave rip off. American Idol is trying to cash in on Dave.

  210. Love dmb says:

    It is one thing to resemble someone, it is another to want to wear their skin. I agree that he thinks he is Dave. I don’t know how he stands there and takes praise for how much of an artist he is when he is a huge rip off.

  211. RR says:

    Can’t wait to see Dave do a gay ford commercial.

  212. Annoying says:

    He must have studied Dave for a long time to be able to copy him down to the eye brow movements. He has done nothing but copy. Those that say he is talented, I agree that it is not easy to impersonate someone to that level and it indeed takes a large about of talent, however he is not an artist.

  213. Suzanne says:

    This kid makes my skin crawl week after week. I would have loved to see Simon rip him apart for trying to pull that off. Everyone is influenced by somebody, but there is not one thing about this guy that is original. And yet the judges tell him he is one of a kind every week. Come on Randy. I know J LO and Steven are idiots, but I expected more from you. It keeps getting worse too. When he mimics those facial expression, I seriously want to throw my remote through the TV. I hate him.

  214. Annoying says:

    Agreed. I was so mad about it, I couldn’t sleep last night. They have coined the term ‘you Phil Phillip’sed it’. Ummm, no you ‘Daved’ it.

  215. Love DMB says:

    They also say, “you made it your own” and “it really showed your unique style”. It makes me crazy. Idol might as well try to cash in on the proven success of Dave. I guess they figure the preteens don’t know DMB.

  216. Christine says:

    When they say, “you made it your own” and “it really showed your unique style,” it makes me crazy. I don’t understand how Steven, Randy, JLo, etc etc don’t know this. I can’t even watch the guy.

  217. The muse says:

    Dave should let this kid make money for the next ten years and then sue him for likeness rights. Take all his shet!!
    Maybe next year some kid who does a great Michael Jackson impression will win idol. If its still on air next season.

  218. Real time says:

    Pp six balls.

  219. robert munz says:

    Like Iovine opined quite rightly: PP’s on stage because of everything but his performance’s. I’m not a PP “hater”….i’m a PP realist,& the truth is (imho): besides his less than subtle, poor, DM imitations, he does the very same vocal, overwrought, blues bends in every single song he’s extruded from his wanna be mouth….His vocal lick range & vocal tone range is very samey,limited & boring…He does’nt rate being on the same stage (Musically) with all those that are left.Your Pawn shop, & local bar, whence you came, await you sir.

  220. Jennifer says:

    So I just happened to turn the TV on tonight over her in New Zealand and American Idol was on. I have not watched any of this season whatsoever until tonight and didn’t know about this Phillip Phillips guy. I saw him sing that letter song and immediately all I could think about was that this kid thinks he is Dave Matthews (having grown up in Kentucky and would religiously go to Indianna, Ohio, and Tennessee in the Mid 90s every summer to see DMB play at all the outdoor concerts back in High School). So I wanted to see if other people thought the same and sure enough this website was the first on google. So I guess for what it is worth, this kid defintely is trying to be Dave, and if the judges are acting like he is unique then they are obviously full of cramp cause anyone whoever has seen DMB play (at least back in the day) would be thinking the same thing.

  221. swimmer says:

    Has anyone noticed that DMB has done their own cover to the Zombie’s song “it’s the time of the season” at red rocks/denver in 2005? Now, Phillip is doing the same cover that Dave has covered! Weird.

  222. robert munz says:

    Agreed swimmer….also weird PP’s dookie squeez singing style…..

  223. Gina M. says:

    This is from Dave’s own mouth NOW WHAT YOU ALL GOT TO SAY????!!!!!Phillip performed an obscure song by Matthews on the show last week. And Dave Matthews himself doesn’t mind at all.

    Asked by New York magazine what he thinks of Phillip, Matthews said, ” I haven’t seen him yet, but I keep my head in the sand.” However, he added, ” More power to him, I don’t mind. I wouldn’t imagine that imitating me would bring any quality of popularity, but that’s okay if it does.”

    Matthews, whose Dave Matthews Band has sold about 40 million albums and is consistently among the top U.S. touring acts, told New York magazine that he’s not losing sleep over any competition from the younger artist.

    ” Oh, I don’t feel threatened. I am what I am,” Matthews joked. “Maybe I paved the way for him. I wish him the best of luck! He should kick my ass, [then] maybe I can retire and he can take over my band. “

  224. @ Gina says:

    Okay, I’m not quite sure how to respond to this. I think everyone will probably continue to say and express how they have felt in the same way regardless of what Dave commented about. Doesn’t really surprise me at all that Dave responded the way that he did. Dave is a pretty humble guy and his lack of concern and positive feedback towards Phillip is not a real big shock! Your opinion on this blog has definitely been noted and valued, but how should Dave’s words effect the way people feel about PP and more importantly American Idol? Dave Matthews and the Dave Matthews Band rock! They are by far (and have been for a while now)my favorite band. I have been an avid Dave follower and have always been in complete awe of his talents and his view on life, but by you pointing out the way he feels towards PP doesn’t define how I have felt towards the show and lack of intelligence when they claim “originality” to something that is clearly not original. I think it is a little bit different when you are actually the person who is being imitated. I don’t think your blog really has a valid argument when you say NOW WHAT YOU ALL GOT TO SAY????!!!!! Okay, so Dave doesn’t seem to mind him imitating him. He wishes him luck! What does that have to do with the way that people feel? Oh wait, I guess what you are saying is that “since we all follow Dave then we should all think and act as Dave does”, Right? Well I can tell you once again as an avid Dave follower that I still feel the same way as I did before Dave’s comments! I guess based on your reasoning that is probably not possible for me to still like Dave and not have the same opinion. But anyway, Thank you for blog, I didn’t know that somebody finally interviewed/asked Dave about PP. It is definitely interesting to see what Dave has thought and not thought (based on his head being in the sand).

  225. robert munz says:

    Word Gina,i agree…DM’s well wishes & tacet acknowledgement, don’t change the valid points you’ve mentioned…The cheezyness of PP is still “what it schmell like” despite DM’s heart & spirit centered masterful, magnanimity.

  226. Flo bot says:

    Pp is a low talent ass clown. You can go on YouTube and find people with way more talent than him.

  227. Tonight says:

    Even though I’ve hated on him in the past… PP actually did alright IMO last week on one of the tunes. He actually sounded more like he was doing himself, rather than doing Dave. I hope this tend continues tonight, but who knows.

  228. Mee Too says:

    I agree with Dave. . . and I don’t care how it happened but THE STONE was preformed on AI – I never thought I would see that day.

    But I must admit when I watch Phil it slightly annoys me – but mostly makes me want the REAL THING –

    Peace Out and Good Luck to Phil

  229. Love DMB says:

    Every week, it gets worse.

  230. Dmbfanatic says:

    Im glad I’m not the only one out there who is thinkin this guy is such a copy cat! Ppl say to me…”but ur a Dave fan u should love him” yea well I am a DAVE FAN not a friggin clone fan. And I love how ppl say how original he is! There is nothing original about him! Any true Dave fan would pick up his imitations of Dave… The ahhh in songs the eyebrow arch even what I call “the Dave jig”. Grrr ticks me off! Once again I’m glad I’m not the only one completely bothered.

  231. Gina M. says:

    I’m a true Dave fan and I think he is awesome. I still don’t get what the big deal is???? Every week it gets better and better and better!!!! Go Phillip…give Dave a run for his money!!! LOL!!!!

  232. jld1675 says:

    My issue isn’t that he so blatantly imitates Dave Matthews, it’s the fact that he denies it and keeps expressing how he just wants to be himself and do his own kind of music. Everyone in the music business has someone that inspires them, but most of the time they acknowledge that inspiration. I would have much more respect for him if he just came out said “Yeah, I get a lot of my stage antics from Dave Matthews, because I really like his style of singing.”

  233. Al R says:

    To reiterate what may of you have said, I find the lack of acknowledgment on the part of PP and especially the judges (the show itself) to be the most annoying (for a DM fan). The influence is obvious, if not awesome!–but you can’t help but feel as if the producers are downplaying and perhaps instructing the judges to ignore the incredible similarities between PP and DM. Jimmie and Randy have alluded to it subtly as well as very obviously, but it remains to be really discussed in the course of the show. This sort of deception is what I perceive to be the real problem; not PP’s act.

    Now, I say “annoying” for a reason; the lack of acknowledgment on the part of producers is definitely a ploy in order for them to capitalize on PP’s supposed originality, not to mention his good looks. But, I still watch the show and by no means “hate” PP. I just have this small, lingering annoyance in the back of my mind every time I see or hear PP imitate one of DM’s vocal or physical mannerisms. It is annoying in the sense that I imagine this scenario in my head in which the producers are sniggering behind the scenes, applauding the fact that their promotion of the ever-so-original PP has successfully gone over the audience’s heads; for an avid Dave fan and perceptive viewer, this is indeed unsettling.

    However, this has been going on season after season. For the last 5 seasons or so, in particular, the judges have encouraged contestants to reimagine and reinvent songs to “make them their own.” Hence, we get these crazy performances of “Beat it” and other recognizable songs (contestants have effectively made them unrecognizable, if not downright weird at times). If I recall correctly, there were performances by Adam Lambert as well as Chris Daughtry (?) where the judges went on and on lauding their “originality,” only for the internet to blow up with accusations of mimicry. Turns out, the “reimagined” song was actually a rip-off of a version previously reinvented by a famous artist (it was a famous cover). AI was seemingly forced to acknowledge it the day after (I can’t really remember who it was). PP does this on a greater scale.

    I know, I watch AI too much.

  234. Love DMB says:

    I can’t even watch it, because it is so bad.

  235. johanna stern says:

    Are Your kidding Phillipe is an extroadinary performer! Do you realize how hard it is to get on stage and be that person you want to be!! hey shame on you for even thinking or saying a bad comment!! give a lot of credit to those who try!!!

  236. mike says:

    Anybody on here that doesn’t recognize that this guy is just a blatant massive ripoff if dm is an idiot. Yes he has talent. That’s not in question. He literally mimics everything about dm. How could anyone who is remotely familiar w his music not see that? Every time the judges say, my god you are so original and you are your own artist, I want to literally smash the tv. Just waiting for one of them to say “wait a minute, you are just doing every song as dm would.”. A great impersonation, but original?? You can’t be serious.

  237. Phillip's the next Dave says:

    I finally get it!!! Everyone on here who has something negative to say about Phillip and his “copying” Dave is just upset that they can’t “copy” Dave that good themselves, hence leaving them all JEALOUS of Phillip because he can!!! You people are all idiots…..

  238. robert munz says:

    Suckage is as suckage does….there’s a DM tribute band out there waiting for “Phillipe” if the judges phoney-ass lobbying does’nt railroad him to AI winner….. I think the “original” name of “Phillipes” future cover band will be called: “Just Like Dave”. Letting Holly go instead of wanna-be DM sucks alot.PP’s squeezing hard for a dookie voice will be heard again (unfortunately)

  239. Mackenzie says:

    I think that Phillip is really cool an i hope he wins i sent him a fan mail but he has not replayed


  240. thank you! says:

    ^^^ look at how similar they are!!! thank you for that haha

  241. John Boy says:

    found another one


  242. logan says:

    just the fact that he can even copy dave shows how talented he is.

  243. Meggan Pope says:

    @AI R You are talking about when Adam Lambert covered Tears for Fears “mad world” but did it in the styling of Gary Jules excellent avant garde cover. It was a good performance but already being aware of the previous cover I was too a little annoyed about the judges calling him so “original”. The show is a farce. Joshua Ledet is the most talented artist and is most likely going to lose out to a poser want to be who has no idea who he is as an artist and will get dropped by his label just like Lee Dewyze!

  244. Phillip's the next Dave says:

    I listened to Dave sing and then listened to Phillip right after and I have to say Phillip sounds BETTER than Dave!!!

  245. Phillip's the next Dave says:

    Joshua Ledet screams, he doesn’t sing.

  246. Robert Munz says:

    Agreed Meegan, Josh is the best singer on AI…..Phillip’s the next Dave re: screamer, Josh hits all his notes true & clear,his phrasing is original,fresh,his range, emotionaly,expressively & tonally. is way above his current competition.Infortumately,that does’nt mean he’s going to win….either way, Josh will continue to make great music & recordings.

  247. You are not smart says:

    @Phillip’s the next Dave: You think Phillip sounds better than Dave? Oh…I guess that is why Dave has sold 30+ million records worldwide and Phillip has not. Your opinion is obviously better than everyone else. You think Joshua Ledet screams? Oh.. well American Idol must be wrong about him being in the top 3…but that would mean they are also wrong about PP too. Your logic is impeccable. Well done. Are you one of PP’s 10-14 year old fans by chance?

  248. You are not smart says:

    Your name is “Phillip’s the next Dave” meaning you agree that becoming Dave would be a HUGE accomplishment (which he will never reach) which I think counters your “sounds better singing” argument

  249. Stefanie says:

    I agree with everyone who says he is an exact wanna-be copycat. I just want to PUNCH the TV each week! HOLY CRIKEY! SOMEONE PLEASE CALL THIS GUY OUT!!!!! He can’t be original if he mimics Dave Matthews. Every move, every nuance is DAVE! It’s wrong because idol is supposed to be about originality, not copycats. Each week I hope that Phil changes it up and LOSES that awful Dave impression!
    BUT HE DOESN’T! WHY??????????????
    It’s annoying because NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING!
    At least, if they said it more, I could CHILL OUT, and say, OK this guy wants to be like his idol, Dave. It’s cool, Dave is great. BUT NOOOOO, they all just freekin HIDE IT!

  250. Robert Munz says:

    Thats it! PP’s average to weak performances tonite,lauded by the judges as great!!?? (last song) says it all…they’re lobbying for him to win!without really believing it!…Jessica & Josh deserve to be the last too remaining.Lee Dewyze mediocrity…here we go again, & a couple of notches lower once again for AI

  251. Phillip's better than Dave says:

    Josh screams he doesn’t sing.

  252. Phillip's better than Dave says:

    @You are not smart…you’re not very smart are you? Of course Dave has sold more than Phillip. Dave has been around for a long time and Phillip is just starting out. No I am not a 10-14 year old fan, I am a grown woman, thank you. I just come on this board to laugh and laugh at all you idiots. Again, more screaming from Josh last night…uuuggghh! We all have our opinions and I happen to think that Phillip is the best singer and performer. If he sucks, then Dave must suck too because Phillip is the same kind of performer that Dave is……

  253. Phillip's better than Dave says:

    All the Phillip haters are just jealous that they weren’t blessed with a gift like his. You all want to BE Dave and you can’t so that’s why you hate on Phillip. He has what you want….TALENT!!!!

  254. Phillip's better than Dave says:

    Hehehehehe!!! Love seeing you all get so offended by someone you don’t even know…This is just too funny!!! Love it! Go Phillip!!!!!

  255. robert munz says:

    @ Phillip’s better than Dave:Yes we don’t know him personally, but,we know how he tries to sing & perform & yes, in a way it is funny!

  256. Who's Dave Matthews????? says:

    Go Phillip!!!! Love ya baby!!!

  257. Who's Dave Matthews????? says:

    @Robert – Joshua screams his songs and I find it annoying. Glad he is GONE!!! However, I don’t want Phillip to win. I want him to come in behind Jessica so he doesn’t have to be locked into the Idol agreement and he will be free to do his own thing!!!Watch out Dave, Phillip’s coming for ya!! LOL! Hehehehehehehehe!!!

  258. None says:

    I cant believe this chimp beat out Ledet and may actually win?! Goes to show you this superficial contest based solely on looks – not actual raw, original, talent and these little tiger beat teenyboppers are at the helm of all of this. Ive lost respect and hope on the people and the voting systems – wrong people making the wrong decisions. May stand the reason why we are in the shape were in, as a country…..

  259. Who's Dave Matthews????? says:

    I highly doubt we are in bad shape as a country due to how the American public votes on American Idol. Ledet screams he doesn’t sing. Believe me, I’m not teenybopper and I love Phillip…The public has spoken and they chose Phillip and Jessica not screamer Ledet!!

  260. robert munz says:

    Mediocity is built into the AI voting system, replete with the judges being bought & sold, to wit::”winners” Allen, Dewyze,Mccreary…all,mediocre singers,but “popular”. Great singers like : Clarkson,Underwood etc…. thankfully, do get thru however.Jessica (despite her age) is a great singer, with even greater potential, but she probably won’t win.PP probably will win (but not for singing), by a long shot,which is what the show’s supposed to be about!).

  261. Dave says:

    I can’t believe there’s all these Philip haters on here! I’m a HUGE Dave Matthews fan and I LOVE that Philip has made it so far, and I hope he takes it all the way home. Think about it…if Dave Matthews wasn’t already famous, and he made it onto American Idol, would you think he had a chance in hell to win? Of course not! Dave does not fit into any of the boxes that mainstream music likes to put artists into. The fact that Philip has made it to the finale has actually restored my faith in the voters on AI. I can certainly see myself buying his albums, which is more than I can say for ANY other previous contestants on the show. GO PHILIP!!!

  262. robert munz says:

    The vegas odds for DM making an appearance in the finale are….?

  263. robert munz says:

    65-35% DM’s going to be be there……

  264. David says:

    Okay, so I have been posting on this blog here a few times with my opinion on Phillip and the show. I have been reading a lot of these blogs and I do I understand the frustration with American Idol and Phillip Phillips. A few episodes back I had finally decided that I wasn’t going to hate on the show anymore and try to get over Phillips copycat style. I completely understand when people on here get upset by Phillip impersonating Dave. The last few shows however, I have found myself pulling for the guy. I don’t think that people who post on this blog about how angry they are at the show or Phillip have become this enraged because they are jealous of Phillip. I do think though, that people are mostly angry because the show continues to applaud his originality and play on his good looks and obvious talent (which it seems from past years that is what this show is all about). So, with that being said, I do agree with most of the observations that Phillip is a copycat and that he is 100% imitating Dave, but I kind of hope the guy wins, and this is why….. Phillip does have his own style. He is using what he knows to help him win this show. Phillip reminds me now, not only of Dave, but Jon Mayer. When the radio stations started playing “No Such Thing” by Jon Mayer, I thought, “Wow, this guy is good!” (This was obviously after I had been listening to Dave for years). I really liked the sound I was hearing from the radio. I then began to research Jon Mayer and found that I enjoyed his sound, but then I started to notice from videos of his performances how he also imitated Dave. I then began to “snobbishly” lose respect for him. I felt like, “If people like this guy and don’t like Dave then they are idiots and I will probably lose a lot of respect for their taste in music.” Luckily for me, I gave up on that opinion because I started to realize “I cannot control what people think” and if these people are missing out on Dave because they believe Jon Mayer is the “real deal” then that is their opinion to have. This view helped me to realize that I did still like Jon Mayer and that he will never be David J. Matthews. I can like both of them, but I genuinely would rather follow Dave. Jon Mayer has come into his own since then, and I enjoy some of his music still. I think that Phillip Phillips will someday also come “into his own”, whether it is after winning the show or losing the show. The guy obviously enjoys playing music, and the style of music that I enjoy listening to for that matter. Phillip Phillips will never be Dave Matthews! Phillip paved his way through years of performing in front of bar type crowds and now is a “Big Shot” on American Idol. If he makes it big it will be because of American Idol and not because he gradually earned respect from years of playing and word of mouth. Dave and the Dave Matthews Band paved their way by “tape trading” and “word of mouth” from performing live in front of college type crowds. I truly believe that the Dave Matthews Band is who they are today because of the way they have made it into the main stream. Although they are not considered very main stream, they do have few songs that people who do not follow Dave would know about (just enough to make them known to the general public). I can tell you right now as a true Dave Matthews Band fan that the love and devotion that the fans have for this band comes from the atmosphere that Dave has created from his live shows. To be a part of this unique following makes us all feel “good”. It kind of makes you feel special because you are part of a group that is following a band that is really good and the pop culture is completely unaware. So in a sense you want the band to be known, but at the same time the “under the radar” following of the band is what makes you feel good! We have all found a band that we desperately want everyone to come and enjoy as we do, because truly it is like a “religious” or “cult” following. We all want to spread the word about the Dave Matthews Band! I think that a lot of people that express anger and fear towards the show are justifiably expressing true feelings based on their following of Dave. They don’t want anyone but Dave to be admired. It may be sad, but it is true. I can only say that because I am part of this following and I have felt the same way at times. Anyway I will close out as I always do on this blog. The show is almost over and I do wish Phillip the best of luck. I do hope he wins and I have come to the realization that if he does I am not threatened at all by him! Also, I see a few comments on here about Dave coming and playing in the finale. I don’t think that this will happen because he is definitely scheduled to be performing in Charlotte North Carolina that night. I think there would be a lot of disgruntle fans if that were to happen. Maybe he will perform the night after however. That would be awesome!

  265. robert munz says:

    @ Dave,Touche on the DM appearance…did’nt know he was otherwise schedualed.PP does deserve some props for how far he’s come on the show & he does seem to be a cool guy to sit down & have a beer with (or tea or whatever). My main contention is: He’s not a great singer,DM & Kelly Clarkson are great singers.The trend is: America is voting for average(vocally),good looking,female friendly, male singer songwriter types ie;AI’s Allen, Dewyze, Mccreay,& America’s Got Talent’s Grimm, & thats sad & frustrating.

  266. J says:

    It is clearly a Dave impersonation that he is doing on Idol. Those who think otherwise are clearly not musicians. As a musician the phrasing, arrangements and accents are classic Dave along with the vocal style, facial expressions, dance, etc.. Anyone who is a guitar player can clearly see he is playing “Dave Chords.” Chord shapes and positions that Dave innovated. He holds the guitar exactly like Dave which is an unusual form. I haven’t seen his stuff outside of Idol, but so far everything on Idol is a carbon copy of Dave. John Mayer did it in the beginning as did Jack Johnson. They went on to develop their own sound. This guy is young and talented so he will probably do the same. But the whole Dave thing is over kill. Even the sax player is lifting LeRoi’s vibrato style on the sax.

  267. J says:

    P.S. He is way less annoying than the Alfred E. Newman look alike, Scotty who one last year.

  268. Sandman says:

    @robertmunz, @J I agree 110%. @Who’s Dave Matthews???? It is funny how you are on a DMB blog but clearly like to hate on Dave. And you claim you are not a teenager, but you “hehehehe” like a little girl constantly. You may be as annoying as Phillips’ attempt to copy Dave with every step and note. Go away please.

    For the people who KNOW PP copies Dave (true fans of Dave) go check out these side-by-side pictures of them both and tell me if you see any similarities—> http://zipmeme.com/meme/Phillip-Phillips/47657/

  269. Joe says:

    Jlo says “you don’t sound like anything else out there” really!?
    This kid is good,but a total rip off. He’d be great in a dmb tribute.

  270. robert munz says:

    PP is very consistent:consistently average…..JS was & is great.

  271. Nigel says:

    “This kid is good,but a total rip off. He’d be great in a dmb tribute”

    I am not sure where to start with that comment but I submit the following. I am in my mid 40′s I used to drop 4 bucks to see Dave at Tracks in VA. before there was even a thought of a band to back dave up.. You are sadly mistaken…


  272. Tim says:

    Total rip off of Dave Mathews. Phillip Phillips even uses two first names as Dave Mathews.

  273. Time we put this puppy down says:

    Well, I wish I could say it’s been fun, but at best (for me at least) this season of American Idol has been a self-indulgent snooze fest, peppered with painful to watch impressions of Dave Matthews. I mean, it had it’s moments… Like when they disqualified Jermaine Jones for giving fake names to the police. But, other than that, I am happy to see it go. I anxiously await the X-Factor and in the meantime I will be tuning in to America’s Got Talent. Sure. I will miss him… In the way you miss seeing a wreck at a Nascar event. But who knows, if he doesn’t win maybe we will see PP pumping our gas the next time we fill up at Swifty on the way home from Six Flags Over Georgia. What would you say? Regular please. ;)

  274. Adcast says:

    Phil Phillips is a singer. Dave Mathews is a Legend……Phil can put a puzzle together. Dave drew the picture and cut out the pieces. I’ll go see Phillip in concert, right after my dead ass buys Justin Bieber tickets.

  275. robert munz says:

    1st time since the 1st AI, i watched only the last 10 minutes of the finale…i could’nt invest myself in this charade of an average singer “winning” a singing contest as a “great singer” I’m not angry at PP…i’m happy for him like i’d be happy for somebody who just won the lottery..just a lucky guy…talent & mastery not required.Congratulations PP,a DM tribute band’s going to be missing a lead singer…you’re going to be a little busy.

  276. Jfunk says:

    Let’s put this to rest it’s over. AI has pointed out how stupid mainstream America is and that you can win this show by completely, psychotically and disturbingly copy someone that has put decades of his heart and soul into his music and get ignored by pop music fans. Loss, tragedy, pain, triumph, and most of all HARD WORK. But a kid akin to an Elvis impersonator in a fat suit just won their stupid karaoke competition. BFD, go and watch AI, buy PP tickets. Idiocracy, the reality show.

  277. Scott says:

    To all the haters…

    When I saw Dave open for Big Head Todd & The Monsters, I was awestruck and followed Dave religously while stationed in Virginia. Your anger is childish and reminds me of how it felt when i read Rolling Stone’s first review of DMB ripping Dave for his “predictable” studio sound and I can go on listing several Western African / South African artists that Dave bit his style from but I won’t because change is constant and i doubt anyone in this forum even knows of many artists outside the states..,

    After reading the hate/ignorance here makes me feel like the smartest kid in class with downs syndrome.

    Everyone’s incessant whining is just pure hate and it comes from ignorance….

    Dave’s influences stateside such as James Brown; Etta James; Dexter Gordon; Billy Holliday;
    Jeff Buckley…. Etc…

    Ignorance and hate is easily cornered with the truth…

    NO artist can create anything from nothing… It is impossible…

    Before innovation a kid admits he is influenced by DMB…

    You all should feel proud that a fellow Ants Marching member writes his own stuff and wears his heart on his sleeve.

  278. unknown says:


  279. munzo58 says:

    @JFunk:Right on….@Scott: Yes, everybody copies/emulates somebody..sometimes more subtlely & artfully, & less transparently/over the top, unlike PP.To recognize that PP is’nt a masterful, highly accomplished singer does’nt mean hate’s involved.I hope PP evolves & does better, & that his surgery goes well, & he recovers fully & quickly.AI needs a serious make over Jessica & others in the top 20 got robbed & thats not necessarily PP’s fault.

  280. m says:

    Imitation is flattery. DMB rocks. (Nice try PP)

  281. Philibuster says:

    I clearly came to the right place to see how others felt about this year’s Idol winner. Priceless commentary.
    Phillips is unarguably a talented musician. But if you think he isn’t copying DM then you’re a dope.
    Am I a huge DM fan? No. Have I seen DM live in concert? No. You don’t have to have those credentials to know that Phillips is imitating him flawlessly. If you have seen 1 DM performance then you have seen enough to make you a credible witness.

    In Phillips’ defense, this does not make him any less talented. To play an instrument and perform at that level (notwithstanding the glaring copycat similarities to DM) is an accomplishment few could ever achieve. Let’s let the poor guy bask in his 15 minutes of fame. Honestly, I blame the show.

    Listen… American Idol officially jumped the shark years ago and was a horrible disappointment again this season. It’s turned in to a screeching contest between a bunch of hacks and wannabe’s and hasn’t produced an “artist” that’s amounted to anything in quite some time. That is, unless you include a bunch of former contestants that frequent the Disney Channel or One Hit Wonder charts. AI is a joke, and if you are one of the sheep that gets whooped up over who gets to advance from week to week my suggestion to you is to simply realize that the show is not a reality show, if it ever was. This year’s talent pool was (once again) awful and Phillips was simply the best of the worst. Not because these people can’t sing; most have some real talent. The show is not only over-produced, horribly choreographed and a total bore… It is now responsible for me having to endure the sight of a decrepit Steven Tyler in fast food commercials when I turn the channel away from AI because I can’t stomach the ridiculousness any longer.

    C’mon Phil… prove us all wrong. Do something that’s yours. If I wanted to hear or see DMB I already have a way to do that.

  282. Megan Leveille says:

    OK NOW….why is it that everyone here seems to spending so much time over analyzing this situation. Come on….all of you and I know there will never be another DAVE….but give this kid a chance. AI is a show that has now been on for let’s see…..10 years??? ….there has to be something about it that somebody likes. Most of mainstream America are not sophisticated music aficionados….really….I have been reading the posts on FB and other places about this…most people can’t even spell Phillips name correctly!!! AI is produced and aired for the masses….it is all about entertainment….it is Hollywood…and if you have ever been there….it is nothing but FAKE stuff. Sooo…if you put it into perspective each and everyone of you that are here on this page….may differ in opinions but do share a passion for true and real music and musical ability. In my opinion Phillip Phillips has not set out to be a DAVE copycat….I don’t believe he has ever entertained the idea….I think he is just doing what he loves and found AI as the avenue to pursue his dream. I say “CONGRATS” to him….and all of you should at least give him a chance to show his stuff….that will be the real test….oh and BTW…anyone that calls Mr. Tyler decrepit should wait until they are 64 and look in the mirror…age is not something to insult….it is reality.

  283. Philibuster says:

    OK, let’s say for a moment that Steve-o didn’t (at least on some level) have that coming to him.
    I’ll acknowledge the guy still gets it done … even at 64. And even though his moniker as a R&R Legend is now irretrievably damaged for agreeing to do the show; he’s the closest thing to a credible judge on that panel.


    It doesn’t make that Burger King Commercial any less annoying. And let’s face it… the guy is scary looking. I call it like I see it.
    I’ll offer as evidence, the testimony of an 8 year old who while watching AI asked “Is that a man or a woman?” referring to “Mr. Tyler”.
    The state rests your Honor.

    And another thing… Who names their kid Phillip Phillips anyway?

  284. Who's Dave Matthews????? says:

    @Sandman….HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE Phillip won so go fuck yourself!!!! Im not a Dave hater, I just got my ticket for Camden..maybe I’ll see you there!HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!! I am posting on this blog because I like to get all the Phillip haters aggravated because this whole thing about Phillip copying Dave is a big joke!! Why should you idiots care?? You don’t know Dave personally yet you are acting like you are somehow coming to his defense. Dave said himself that the kid is good and when he retired Phillip can take over for him in his band. I don’t think Dave really cares so why should all you assholes???????? I will not go away….you’re stuck with me on this board unless you get me banned….whatever idiot!!

  285. Who's Dave Matthews????? says:

    @Megan Leveille – I agree 100%!!!! These people on here are jealous I think because they want to be able to imitate Dave but they can’t because they haven’t got the talent that Phillip has. Congratulation Phillip….hope you do as well in your career as Dave has and I have no doubt you will!!!!!

  286. Who's Dave Matthews????? says:

    From Dave’s own mouth..if he is behind him how come none of you so called Dave fans are”? Don’t you all hang on his every word?????? Saying he’d missed seeing Phillips perform ‘The Stone’ on the April 25 episode of ‘Idol’ because “I keep my head in the sand,” Matthews nonetheless gave his youthful doppelganger his seal of approval. “More power to him, I don’t mind,” he told Vulture. “I wouldn’t imagine that imitating me would bring any quality of popularity, but that’s OK if it does.”

    But do the charts have room for two guys that sound like Dave Matthews? “Oh, I don’t feel threatened. I am what I am,” Matthews said. “Maybe I paved the way for him. I wish him the best of luck! He should kick my a– — maybe I can retire and he can take over my band.”

  287. robert munz says:

    I wish PP well, & hope he rises & evolves from his musical mediocrity.Facts are: People watching AI are down 30%….The same average musician/singer with a guitar, the last few years & people are bored & clicking elsewhere, AI has lost it’s mojo.The judges are in la la land & not to be believed.I’m hoping & praying PP does well with his surgery, & career.DM’s a genius….

  288. thomcarl says:

    P Phillips inspires me to take a dump every time I hear his pathetic voice.

  289. Ron Keas says:

    I see an Eddie Bedder style in Phillip’s eyes.
    I believe Phillip mainly won because of his looks. Just that simple. I’m a well know portrait artist and I am offering to do oil paintings of him for fans.

  290. Jfunk says:

    Facts are facts. Don’t call people haters because they are pointing out the fact. PeePee is doing an imitation of Dave Matthews, a really good one. So good he should be in a DMB cover band. Whether you are a DMB fan or not, you can’t deny that he came about his style the hard way and the right way and over years. PeePee has nothing original about him, the wardrobe, the guitar, the facial expressions, vocal style, hell he even does the Dave foot shuffle dance. If you like PeePee because he does do an imitation, then you’re even stupider than the PeePee idiot fans who think he is talented and original.

  291. Megan Leveille says:

    PEE PEE??? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. Seriously. Honestly you are only making what you say so incredibly unimportant by spewing immature hate like that. Shocking. Look….what you believe to be factual is not what other people out there necessarily think are the facts. Music and it’s interpretation are a personal thing…people are always going to differ in their opinions. That’s a fact….and those differences are what make the world go around….But really? Coming on to a page like this and spreading hate is totally uncool…being a hater is not healthy or productive…plus spreading bad Karma isn’t a good idea….because it will always come back and bite you in the A**. Guaranteed. Regardless of your hateful opinions, Phillip won with the most votes because people felt his VIBE…they enjoyed watching him perform…and yes I am sure there were lots of votes cast because he is cute…and contrary to what people think…it wasn’t all teenyboppers voting. ….. And as far as DAVE goes….there is no comparison…why bother wasting your time with it! DAVE is Dave and PHILLIP is Phillip. Live and Let Live. Life is too short and precious to waste time being spiteful and spreading hate.

  292. Megan Leveille says:

    Oh…yeah…forgot to add this! Yes….Steven Tyler can be considered scary looking…no doubt. But I think that most of his diehard fans don’t give a rat’s A** and just enjoy the fact that he is still rockin’ the house at age 64…gotta give him credit for that. I’m a big fan of Aerosmith and have been for a long time….and I thought it was kinda cool that he became a judge on the show….it has been fun watching to see what crazy and outlandish outfits he comes up with, and what crazy things he might say….pure entertainment for me. Also….at first the rest of the band wasn’t happy about him becoming a judge, but they soon realized that the band’s popularity had a huge boost because of it! And as far as the burger king commercial goes…totally silly and ridiculous….but somebody out there thought he was credible enough to sell burgers!!! Ahh…crazy stuff. Oh, and BTW…Phillip Phillip Jr.s father Phillip Phillip Sr. named him….he probably felt so happy to finally have a son…he wanted to give him his name….and I think that’s kinda cool! :-)

  293. sacha says:

    Ok…pp is not original,plusif you watch him on a guitar he fakes playing it,he uses the easiest cords, ya really talented or the way he moves to music,its not his moves.he is a poser.maybe if i try to be alanis morrisett and copy her every move and be her in a contest maybe ill win ppl are such sheep’s.thr is talent out ther many many ppl can sing but is it talent.like for example brian adams,phil collins.come on ppl you could go to the store right now and buy a really talented philips p and its called dave mathews.or get philips cd thats is a ameture of dave m. Its ur money.

  294. scott says:


  295. scott says:

    The facts are every musician is influenced by many artists. Phillip writes his own stuff (and its good). Did Dave Matthews invent “getting into the groove” ? Maybe a James Brown blog should be blasting DMB… get over it. I am glad DMB and other musicians have influenced PP… How to you groove to music? Do you wear a clown suit (you should) Do you now how well you would play chords on national television (Live). His comfort zone is developing. 8 surgeries might have you feeling a little like playing some easy chords under that pressure also. Phillip can play C minor in the first position, I’ve seen him do it, can you? He is young and will continue to evolve just like Dave did. In the meantime lets blast Phillip for looking like Dave also, stupid genetics… jealousy is genetic also.

  296. He suc says:

    But, no matter how you slice it… At his best PP is only an average singer and at his best he is a Dave Matthews impersonator.

  297. Megan Leveille says:

    But OK…does being a great singer mean you will always be hugely successful???…or does being an average singer mean you can’t be a huge success????!! Take a listen to BILLIE JO ARMSTRONG….I am sure you know who he is…..he can’t sing worth a shit…but he is …..well let’s say….pretty f*ing successful….whether you like him or not.

  298. scott says:

    @ He suc …Seriously, does living in your parent’s basement bother you? No matter how you slice what? Prejudgement of what you have been allowed to see so far from Idol and YouTube? Does being a great artist qualify that you have to have a great voice?..NO it qualifies you to sing songs written by others (no artistry without musical creation means you are just a performer like 80% of the industry)… DMB writes lyrics mostly after they finish their jam sessions… the creativity is music first…

    Would it kill everyone that Idol actually nabbed someone that does write their own stuff… and actually puts musical creation / jam sessions first before their ego and lyrics?… Sound familiar? This is the beauty of true artistry… just like DMB… Dave picked the best group of guys out of the Charlotte music scene to put music first… In fact DMB was nameless (they didn’t even have a name for a long time) and got their name only after promoters demanded that they be called something (because music comes first) the rest follows.

    Idiots posting in this blog would be griping in 1991 about a Charlotte bartender who sounds like he is riding on the coattails of accomplished jazz musicians… or complaining how a no named group sounds like the Grateful Dead doing Pop music.

    Seriously it is difficult for some to follow intelligent comments, unfortunately that will not stop basement dwellers from trying…

    Lets all wait to pass judgement… at least until Phillip can collaborate and form his talent around him just like Dave did. In my opinion the kid is going to be huge and not for the prepackaged garbage that comes out of Idol (songs rammed down the performer’s throats without a choice because they are just performers) but Phillip will be recognized in the future for true artistry. I know this because I have had good hunches in the past about upcoming talent. But we will have to wait and see… or just throw out idiotic comments with no actual merit behind jealous motivation and anger.

  299. You're all idiots says:

    Phillip won…so I guess all of the voters who voted for him are wrong and stupid, right? Every single one of you just can’t stand the fact that there is someone out there who is as talented as your precious Dave. I love Dave too but there is plenty of room for more like him. Grow up!!!!

  300. robert munz says:

    PP’s a nice guy & an average musician/singer,in all the times i’ve seen & heard him, i’ve never heard outstanding,great singing or (any)lyrical guitar playing from him… PP has trouble making his notes vocally (- or +) alot…..PP deserves some credit for winning AI (not everybody can do that, for whatever reason) The slightly over-wrought emotional vocal outbursts (ala Mellisa Etheridge)are well worn,predictable & boring…. I sincerely hope he’s doing well after his kidney surgery on Tuesday……then please start some much needed guitar & singing lessons asap.

  301. robert munz says:

    Glad to hear PP’s doing well after kidney surgery to remove kidney stones.

  302. Patricia Dryburgh says:

    If any of the people who posted their childish wrath at Phillip for modelling his style of performing after a artists he clearly admires would think for a minute, they would be hard-pressed not to say the same thing about most established artists.
    There has to be a starting point and any singer copies other singers they admire. Musicians do the same thing. Some never develop their own style and are still moderately successful. Others eventually do and succeed as well. I remember when Harry Connick Jr. was admired for sounding “just like Sinatra” and it was high praise. Luckily he didn’t stay at that point, evolving into his own style.
    When some compare Jessica Sanchez to Celine, Whitney or Mariah, oddly, it’s a compliment. Not so, when comparisons are made between Phillip and Dave Matthews. Why is that?
    Dave doesn’t seem to mind, seems flattered and so he should.
    Phillip Phillips is at the beginning of his career and choosing Dave as a major influence is to choose a tough act to follow.
    As for how he holds his guitar, or how he moves his feet, or his facial expressions………………..come on now. If anything, remembering all the things he’s accused of imitating, as well as remembering how to phrase lyrics to make them interesting, that in itself is remarkable and good for him.
    Dave Matthews doesn’t seem miffed that Phillip is choosing the same style as he did, years ago, but on the contrary.
    Phillip, like Dave, simply wants to play music. Listen and enjoy. OR don’t listen. Your choice. But, not giving him a chance out of some sort of misplaced loyalty to Dave Matthews is cutting off your nose to spite your face, don’t you think??

  303. Jen says:

    Wow. The whole point of American Idol is to find new talent, that is unique, something we have never seen before. This guy IS Dave Matthews. What a joke. Sorry Phillip it’s been done already. Even in his live version of Time of the Season, he copied the version Dave performed from his live track. Moving on from this guy.

  304. just me says:

    i always wanted to learn how to play guitar, i don’t watch idol and i have loved dave since 1994. about 3 hours ago i stumbled across phillip’s song home and had the distinct thought how much i would love to play it while doing the crazy legs around my living room. so what if dave influenced him? go ahead and color me sellout if idol’s cranking out folks who were inspired by and model themselves after dave. i’d do it to if i could too, because dave is the king and everything i love about the guitar. every summer i look forward to bearing witness to that mad hypnotic shuffling and stomping across the stage. it’s the definition of jam in webster’s.

  305. Jessika says:

    Fantastic goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you are just too wonderful. I really like what you’ve acquired here, really like what
    you’re stating and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it wise. I can not wait to read far more from you. This is actually a wonderful website.

  306. O'Doule says:

    Phil Phillips is a freaking joke. He belongs in a coffeeshop doing his bad Dave Matthews impersonation for tips. He got incredibly lucky to be handed Greg Holden’s “home”, which he tried to sing exactly like the original. Phillips was just a face they put on a song, and even admitted he hated the song and didn’t want it on his album. This guy is as phony as a $3 bill, and is the shining example of why Idol’s ratings have plummeted – It is no longer a talent competition. Phillips “won” because 1,000 horny teenage girls voting 1,000 times is more “votes” than 10,000 regular adults voting once. This is why the pre-finale polls showed Jessica Sanchez winning by a landslide.

  307. lillie says:

    I been a long time fan of DMB, I was introduced to this awesome band since they began. My late son knew I would love their music because it was diverse and mutli-cultured, with depth & lots of feeling and so very original. I just discovered today, this Philip P , I caught him in an interview and not yet heard him sing, but his body language and spoken voice instantly said Dave Matthews, I am not amused about the mimicking, in fact I feel there´s only one original, I come from old school on this, as I am not far from Dave´s age, I don´t watch Idol, etc. I don´t even like today´s pop culture, I come from strong tendencies of Rock, however, DMB is one of my all time Favs, I got to see them in Portugal, and was even late for the concert because the scanner of my entrances were not functioning, even still was rewarded with 2 & 1/2 hrs of amazing music. This can never be copied it´s silly to me that Philip P and his fans are all in denial about his mastering of mimic, he to me looks really silly. It´s like when Mano the Mexican group sang like Sting, it wasn´t funny to him and he did not really appreciate it one bit. I know DM has been a great sport about this, however, I feel it´s very rude and this Philip P should eek out his own manners and be more original not suck from the success of someone who has put their blood, sweat and being into their art. If we were talking about a Pecaso painting this my folks would be stolen art and heavily frowned upon, but being as our generation of shams acceptance fans don´t mind and support this get quick fame attempts then it goes overlooked and justified. There is no justification for loving an artists and their craft, but respect them and be original. I will not give Philp a look because I feel he is a fraud. I only like original and that´s ok too!

  308. Corwin Russell says:

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